Introducing the Newest Innoweave Implementers!

Innoweave is proud to announce some of the most recent recipients of coaching support.

Since 2012, approximately 500 organizations and collectives have accessed coaching support to implement a range of social innovation tools and generate greater impact.


Introducing the Newcomers Cohort!

Innoweave’s national platform supports organizations across Canada on almost any issue area, but through special partnerships we also engage with specific domains like Seniors, Youth, and Homelessness, to provide customized support and get traction to move the needle on challenging issues. There is real potential for leveraging innovations and strong partnerships in these focused areas, and great capacity to build on the collective interest around combating a particular issue.

We are excited to introduce our latest domain-specific cohort of organizations. Innoweave has recently partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to run an initiative supporting Newcomer-serving collaboratives across the country.


Social Enterprise: Highlights From Recent Implementers!

Since 2013, Innoweave has supported organizations’ design and implementation of new social enterprises to address gaps in their communities and enhance the impact they create. To date, Innoweave has supported the design and launch of more than 80 social enterprises that use innovative business models to create positive social impacts across Canada.

This month, we’re happy to share updates on a few of these social enterprises!

A full list of the organizations that we have supported through our social enterprise module can be found here.