Youth CI Process

Youth CI will help community organizations learn about collective impact, start to form collaboratives, and launch and execute collective impact approaches through information and engagement sessions, workshops, customized coaching services, and funding. The process builds on the Innoweave Collective Impact module process.


Information sessions will be held both virtually and in communities across Ontario. Those with an interest in youth issues and collective impact can learn about the subject and network with each other to explore potential for new collective impact initiatives. Please check our schedule of upcoming events here to find one you can join.

 Self Assessment:

Take a quick assessment here to see if developing a collective impact initiative and attending a workshop is right for you.


Workshop 1 helps new collaboratives to identify the population-level outcomes they want to achieve for youth in their community.

Workshop 2 enables teams to reconvene for a second workshop to define their theory of change and build their plan of action.

Please check our schedule of upcoming events here to find and apply for workshops that are coming to your area. Workshops are accessed through application to Youth CI through the events page.

Click here to learn more about workshops and how to apply.

 Customized Coaching Services: 

Coaching is available in two phases: 

  1. Development Coaching - Directly after Workshop 1, to help teams prepare and refine their desired outcomes for collective impact. 
  2. Planning Coaching - After Workshop 2, for teams that require a coach’s input to refine their Theory of Change and help them launch a collective impact initiative. 

Coaching services are accessed by application to Youth CI. Click here to learn more about coaching and how to apply.


Youth CI will offer two main categories of funding covering mid and late-stage collective impact work:

  • Launch Funding: $10,000 - $40,000 over 6 months to support the launch of a collective impact initiative. 
  • Execution Funding: $50,000 - $150,000 over 1 year to support established collaboratives to pursue their collective impact initiative (Youth CI only). 

Click here to learn more about funding and how to apply.