Explore and Experiment

Using new iterative approaches to solve complex societal challenges.

Addressing entrenched complex societal challenges, like unemployment, climate change, or chronic disease, requires an ability to examine the root causes of problems, and to openly explore, iterate and experiment with potential solutions.

Many of the new tools and techniques suitable to this type of exploring and experimenting are used by social innovation labs, or other lab-like groups. The Explore & Experiment module is designed to help organizations generate change using lab-like processes, either within their own organization or in a stand-alone lab that involves many organizations. Some of the approaches covered in the module include:

  • Exploring complex problems using systems and design research
  • Convening & co-creation by engaging diverse stakeholders
  • Developing and using prototypes
  • Scaling & measuring impact
  • Building your lab or innovation unit (business model, fundraising)

These experimentations can take place within an innovation unit of an organization or it can bring together a various set of partners from different organizations in a dedicated innovation lab. In both cases, a common impact goal and the willingness to try different approaches will drive the innovative solutions and learnings.

To learn more about the Explore & Experiment module, you can access more background and research on social innovation labs here.

This Innoweave module was developed in partnership with MaRS Solutions Lab.