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Innoweave Administrative Officer


Program Overview

Innoweave is an initiative of the McConnell Foundation, in collaboration with hundreds of leaders and partners from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Innoweave’s objective is to help community organizations learn about and implement new tools and processes to effect large-scale change. The platform supports a range of modules to help organizations clarify their impact goals (and align activities to meet those goals), scale their impact, collaborate for transformative change, and learn and adapt as they innovate.


Announcing NEW Innoweave modules! Impact Measurement and Data Utilization

Innoweave is excited to be undertaking some new initiatives in 2019 to keep our platform as responsive as possible to organizations across Canada.

This month, we are proud to announce that we are currently developing two new social innovation modules: Impact Measurement and Data Utilization. The design of each module is being led by McConnell Foundation Senior Fellows, Karim Harji and Jason Pearman. We’re very pleased to introduce these two fellows to our Innoweave community, and have them share a bit about the work they have planned over the next few months.


Implementation Funding: Some Tips for Applicants!

As we get closer to the next deadline for applications to Innoweave Implementation Funding on February 1st, we want to share some tips for organizations planning to submit an application. We look for a few key elements in the applications submitted, and the more your application can clearly show these characteristics, the stronger your application will be.