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Social Enterprise: Adding to your “tool box”.

By David LePage, Principal, Accelerating Social Impact.

The other day a handy man came to our office to fix a plumbing problem. We showed him the leaky faucet, that last week was just a tiny occasional drip.  He started by opening his toolbox and pulling out a huge hammer! Of course we asked: “is that really the right tool to solve this problem?” His response was a bit surprising, “well, it’s the only tool I have, and it worked just fine on trying to fix the problem on my last job site, so why change course now? Oh, by the way, my fees went up 20% since we talked on the phone yesterday.”

Well, that is my allegory to the way we often address the complex social and economic challenges facing many of our communities. These are tough issues that are persistent and seem to be increasingly more difficult to address using only our current techniques and diminishing resources. While these problems grow, the tools to fix them remain the same few approaches, the costs go up, and funds we have available stay the same or get smaller.

So how about considering adding some new tools to addressing our most threatening social and economic problems?


Innoweave and partners launch Youth CI

Innoweave is thrilled to announce the launch of Youth CI, a new program in partnership with the Laidlaw Foundation, with support from the Government of Ontario.  Youth CI supports Collective Impact approaches designed to improve outcomes for youth in communities across Ontario.

Youth CI formally launched in Toronto on Tuesday, December 2nd and we can’t wait to engage interested partners, collaboratives, and organizations that will help to bring to life this exciting opportunity.  YWCA’s Nancy’s Auditorium was filled with almost 150 people who learned about Youth CI’s workshops, customized coaching and grants that aim to progress youth-serving collaboratives through to the implementation phase of their collective impact initiative.  It was a great way to kick-off the next three years of working towards collective impact approaches to improving outcomes for youth in Ontario.

Today we launched Youth CI in Ottawa and will be heading to Kingston, Hamilton, and London next week to do the same.  If you haven’t been able to attend a session but want to learn more, click here to register for an upcoming session or community launch event, or email with your questions.

youthci launch

The Toronto Youth CI launch