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Dènik Dorval

Dènik Dorval

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Dènik is currently finishing his master’s degree in social innovation from Saint Paul University, having obtained an interdisciplinary BA in Human and Social Issues from Hearst University.  Through his studies and research, Dènik discovered the power of collective enterprises as a force for change in community economic development. A native of Northern Ontario, Dènik has worked at the Regional Research and Intervention Centre for Economic and Community Development and at three Alliance Credit Union service centres.

Dènik has been a development officer since 2016, helping Francophone communities to promote and coordinate collective enterprises located in northeastern Ontario, and opening the first CCO office in the region, in Timmins. His current adventure involves working at an organization as a senior officer affiliated with the social and cooperative enterprises development division.

Areas of Expertise

Collective Impact, Scaling Impact, Social Enterprise, Social Finance Investment Readiness

Working Language(s)

English, French

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