How Innoweave Can Help

Innoweave provides free webinars, action oriented workshops, easily accessible micro tools, and coaching funding to implement Social Innovation approaches for community organizations.

Innoweave helps organizations to become more innovative and impactful

Working with Innoweave can help organizations:

  • Clarify their impact goals and how how they will achieve them individually and collectively
  • Develop innovative approaches to connect with others and access new resources to advance their missions

The full Innoweave process is described here.

How can Innoweave help you now!

Community organizations must be able to respond quickly to opportunities. Partnering with Innoweave helps to prepare plans and develop better funding proposals. Specifically, Innoweave can help organizations:

  • Quickly clarify current strategy and thoughtfully consider new initiatives that align with their plan to generate substantial outcomes
  • Learn about and inspire new high impact approaches that could be adopted

What can I do to help me in the short term?

Several Innoweave opportunities can provide both immediate and long term benefits as you clarify your strategy, develop new innovative approaches, and complete funding applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Social Enterprise workshops help organizations explore and develop their idea for a social enterprise, and learn more about how they can achieve their social, cultural, and/or environmental goals while generating revenue.

  • Developmental Evaluation workshops help organizations understand the purpose and major characteristics of developmental evaluation, develop a preliminary evaluation scope of work, develop a preliminary risk assessment, and review the appropriateness and readiness of developmental evaluation for their work.

There are many more opportunities listed here. Please contact us with any questions at: