Constructive Engagement

Understanding, engaging, and mobilizing policy makers, practitioners, and the public to make changes that further your impact goals

Constructive Engagement helps leaders of community sector organizations develop effective strategies to understand and work with policy makers, practitioners, and the public to make specific changes that will directly improve the outcomes that the organization seeks and advance their mission. This process often involves clarifying barriers and opportunities to advancing the organization’s mission, understanding the priorities, beliefs, and constraints of policy makers, practitioners, and the public, and determining potential areas for success. Finally, it includes assessing and deciding among engagement tactics that will meet key objectives. 

Constructive Engagement can lead to important outcomes. For instance, discussions of disability groups with several governments led to the creation of the Registered Disability Savings Plan which has provided long term income security for thousands of people with disabilities. Among practitioners, convincing doctors to implement hygienic dress codes, including not wearing ties, has reduced infection rates by up to 50% in some hospitals. 


Content for Constructive Engagement module workshops is developed by:

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