Run a Workshop

Hosting a Workshop

Innoweave partners with community organizations and networks to host workshops for their communities. Workshop hosts typically help identify and select participants, arrange logistics, and promote the workshop in their community.

Innoweave will provide support and tools to organizations that are interested in hosting a workshop. We can also provide connections to trained facilitators who can deliver the content for a local workshop.

Community Foundations, United Ways and community organizations are currently some of Innoweave’s key partners in hosting workshops.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop for one of the Innoweave modules and would like to learn more, please e-mail

Facilitating a Workshop

As you prepare for this workshop, the following resources might be helpful:

Innoweave Constructive Engagement Workshop Sample Agenda

  • A sample agenda for a typical Constructive Engagement workshop.

Innoweave Constructive Engagement Sample Workshop Presentation 

  • A PowerPoint deck with all Constructive Engagement workshop content. This can be used as the base of your workshop.

Innoweave Constructive Engagement Sample Workbook

  • A workbook to be distributed to workshop participants which includes exercises to be completed by groups throughout the workshop.

Tips for Using Box:

  • After sending your request to, you will be invited to join the "Innoweave Constructive Engagement Workshop Materials" Box folder by e-mail. You must accept the invitation. If you don't already have a Box account, you will have to create one to access the files.
  • Once you are logged on to Box, you can also navigate to files directly from the Innoweave site, by clicking on the individual document links. 
  • Inside Box, you can click on any folder or document to view its contents. Click "download" on the top right to save the file to your computer in its original file form (e.g. ppt, doc, xls).
  • If you'd like, you can add comments to any of the documents. These are only visible to your fellow facilitators (i.e. they are not public).

Micro-Tools: Quick exercises to help advance Constructive Engagement

Innoweave has adapted a series of micro-tools for the Constructive Engagement Module. They can be used as standalone exercises or as part of working through a module and implementing a new approach. 

  • Engagement Model Canvas: Model your Constructive Engagement plan here
  • Stakeholder Visualization: Understand the people you engage here
  • Theory of Change: Align your activities with your impacts here

Workshop facilitators may wish to recommend using these micro-tools:

  • After the Introduction to Constructive Engagement webinar, as an exploratory exercise 
  • As preparation for an Innoweave Constructive Engagement workshop
  • During a Constructive Engagement workshop, as determined by the facilitator  
  • During the coaching phase, as determined by an Innoweave Constructive Engagement Coach