Workshop Information

The Constructive Engagement workshop helps leadership teams understand how to advance changes to an existing policy or practice - held by government or other policy makers - that will help achieve the impact the organization seeks to create.  The session helps teams clarify who they need to engage and why, and how to craft a reasonable ‘ask’ that reflects your partner’s operating context (e.g. political, financial, other). The workshop will help leadership teams to:

  • Identify the outcomes they hope to achieve as an organization (i.e. intended impact);
  • Isolate policy and practice barriers to those outcomes, and discern who needs to be engaged to remove those barriers;
  • Determine what those people would need to do differently, such as institute a change in policy or practice;
  • Select among approaches and tactics for engagement and change;
  • Draft the questions to ‘finalize’ for an engagement strategy, including what else needs to be figured out and who else needs to be engaged.

Please note, an effective Constructive Engagement strategy will not centre on obtaining more funding for your organization, but on achieving policy and practice changes that further your intended impacts.

The pre-workshop webinar includes important information on the key concepts, tactics and practices which are used during the workshop (such as policy engagement, public-policy advocacy, partnerships, coalitions, strategic inquiry and the rules of advocacy). All participants are required to be familiar with this material prior to attending the workshop. Those who attend must also complete the pre-workshop exercise here.

Innoweave also offers Micro-Tools, which include a number of resources which teams may wish to explore before a workshop, including:

  • Engagement Model Canvas: Model your Constructive Engagement plan here
  • Stakeholder Visualization: Understand the people you engage here
  • Theory of Change: Align your activities with your impacts here

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Constructive Engagement workshop and are clear on the both goals that they hope to achieve with Constructive Engagement and how they can use coaching to implement Constructive Engagement will be eligible to apply for Innoweave Constructive Engagement Implementation Funding. Read more about the funding process here.