Data Utilization

Moving up the ladder from being data collectors, to thoughtful data users

The Data Utilization module is in development and will launch fully later this year. If you are interested in learning more, write to to speak with a member of the development team.

The social sector is becoming more data-centric. While many organizations in this space actively collect data and use it for reporting purposes, not all find themselves able to use their data to inform their work or maximize their impact.

We recognize that organizations’ data needs are multifaceted and diverse, and that there is no perfect formula, or perfect data strategy.

The goal of this module is to help organizations increase their capacity to use data thoughtfully for strategic alignment, continuous improvement, and research and development.

Desired goals: Increasing thoughtful data use by

  • Making data insightful
  • Making data actionable
  • Making data practices systematic
  • Making data a key tool to align mission, strategy, and core functions
  • Making data a key tool for uncovering insights, and reducing the cost of experimentation

Building your organization’s digital capacity with a network of knowledgeable partners

Curated by the Social R&D Fellowship, technical experts from across the sector are supporting the development and delivery of this initiative. The technical partners include: