Developmental Evaluation Coaches (DEers)

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Developmental Evaluation workshop (or had an expression of interest approved) are encouraged to connect with an Innoweave Developmental Evaluator (DEer). The following have self-identified as Innoweave DEers. As they have not been vetted by Innoweave, organizations are encouraged to assess whether one or more may be a good fit to address their needs. (Note: DEers are being added to the list on a regular basis. DEers can sign up here to be added. 

A full list of coaches which can be sorted for comparison purposes can be found here (please select the Developmental Evaluation tab at the bottom of the sheet).

The following coaches provide services in French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Lynda Rey

    (This information is only available in French at this time.)

    École nationale d'administration publique |
    Situé à Montréal, QC, au service des organisations de partout au Canada

    Professeure d’évaluation de programmes à l’École nationale d’administration publique de Montréal, Lynda Rey œuvre aussi comme consultante indépendante spécialisée dans l’utilisation d’approches innovantes en planification stratégique, évaluation de programmes et renforcement des capacités. Elle a utilisé l’évaluation développementale dans le cadre de projets en innovation sociale, santé publique, développement international, gestion et gouvernance notamment. Elle collabore avec des organisations publiques, des organismes à but non lucratif, des entreprises sociales, des fondations et institutions académiques à travers le monde. Sa thèse de doctorat a porté sur l’utilisation de l’évaluation développementale combinant deux méthodes, l’analyse logique et l’analyse d’implantation du concept d’hôpital promoteur de la santé en contexte de périnatalité. Read more...

  • Marie-Claude Jean

    Presently, this page is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Accès Évaluation Inc. |
    Lévis, QC

    À vous qui avez le goût d'amorcer un processus d'évaluation évolutive participatif, que vous en soyez aux premiers balbutiements de votre idée ou que vous ayez déjà un plan bien défini, sachez qu'il me ferait un immense plaisir d'échanger avec vous sur ce que je peux vous apporter. Read more...

The following coaches provide services in English and French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Dana Vocisano
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations in Quebec and Ontario

    An organizational development consultant with 30 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Dana has a long-time interest in evaluation and scaling social innovation. While a program director at The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, she led and guided many evaluation initiatives, including several that involved DE. Dana participated in Michael Quinn Patton’s first DE training and has a Masters degree in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University. Read more...

  • Denise Belanger

    Proactive Information Services | 
    Based in Winnipeg, MB, serving organizations across Canada

    Ms Belanger brings a rich background and diverse skill set to her work in evaluation as an associate with Proactive Information Services since 1998. She has experience with all aspects of the evaluation process, from methodological development to instrument design and report writing, and has skills in: designing innovative evaluation tools, moderating focus groups; conducting in-depth interviews; analyzing and interpreting qualitative data. Read more...

  • Juniper Glass

    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    I support groups to learn and improve their strategy and programs. Developmental Evaluation combines the rigour of formal evaluation with questions that will help your group better understand your work and know your next steps. I ask questions and help gather and look at data in a new way, and harness the knowledge, intuition and creativity in your organization. Read more...

  • Ken Hoffman

    One World
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Ken has been a consultant for last 14 years.  Prior to this, Ken had an extensive background in community health, health planning and community development.  Ken has used a Developmental Evaluation approach, often combined with Theory of Change, with a wide variety of local and national organizations including:  Crime Prevention Ottawa (to evaluate the impact of community-based crime prevention programs), the Canadian Active After School Partnership (to evaluate impact of strategies to increase physical activity in the after school time period), the Health Promoting Schools initiative (to help schools adopt cultures and practices that promote health) and the Mobilizing Local Capacity initiative (to help communities to develop plans to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness). Read more... 

  • Lara Evoy and Stephanie Garrow

    Garrow Evoy Consulting Partnership |
    Based in Montréal, QC, serving organizations in Montréal, the province of Québec, and the Ottawa area

    The Garrow Evoy Consulting Partnerhips approach is based on the premise that it is by building capacity and ownership that transformation occurs. This model aligns internal systems with external forces, creating shared meaning around work and engaging the hearts and minds of the people involved. It is supportive, collaborative, accessible and practical. It is focused on creating and sustaining a learning culture within - which includes being able to make mistakes, take risks, ask questions, challenge existing modes of operation and fostering an environment that encourages the flow of ideas. Read more...

  • Marc L. Johnson

    Socius recherche et
    Situé à Gatineau, QC

    Presently, this page is only available in French. Innoweave is working hard to make all pages available in both official languages.

    Marc L. Johnson exerce depuis une trentaine d’années comme consultant auprès des organismes communautaires, conseils scolaires, gouvernements et universités. Préoccupé d’innovation, de justice sociale et d’égalité, Marc est très actif auprès des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire au Canada, mais aussi d’autres minorités à caractère autochtone et ethnoculturel ailleurs dans le monde (Palestine, Kosovo, Guatemala). Read more...

  • Nancy Pole
    Based in North Bay, Ottawa and Montreal, serving organizations across Ontario and Quebec

    With over 20 years working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, Nancy Pole is an experienced designer and manager of program and initiative evaluations, with recognized strengths in leading the design of program theory and in articulating theories of change. Read more...

  • Dr. Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

    Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Human Sciences
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Quebec |

    Dr. Natasha Blanchet-Cohen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University. Her research centers on community youth development with a focus on rights-based approaches to programs and services, culture, and eco-citizenship, particularly as it relates to immigrant and indigenous young people. Read more...

  • Rudy Broers
    Based in Montreal, QC serving organizations in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa

    Rudy Broers is a management and strategic advisor with 10+ years experience supporting organizations with performance measurement, analysis, communication and facilitation to guide decision-making and organizational change. In the last five years, his focus has been developmental evaluation, specifically with international development organizations. Read more...

  • Yassen Yordanov

    HEXIM Solutions |
    Montréal et à travers Québec et Ontario

    Yassen Yordanov est un consultant en gestion de changement et évaluation de programme. Il a plus de 15 ans d’expérience locale et internationale an tant que chercheur appliqué, avec une expertise en développement de l’évaluation et la planification et l’amélioration continue des programmes et des projets. Read more...

The following coaches provide services in English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Alison Brewin

    Alison Brewin
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia

    Alison Brewin has 30 years of experience with the non-profit sector in BC. Not only does she have many years of experience leading organizations (West Coast LEAF, Eastside Family Place and others), but she has applied her law background to 4 years of consulting practice as an Evaluator and Strategic Planner. Read more...

  • Blythe Butler

    Based in Calgary, AB serving in Calgary and other locations as requested

    For over 15 years Blythe Butler has worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Her work has focused on consulting with clients in the areas of collective impact, corporate social responsibility, organizational design, change management, quality assurance and evaluation. Most recently she has led the development of an early childhood initiative by merging a collective impact approach with network theory; overseeing and designing the development of developmental evaluation, a shared measurement framework and network analysis in order to support a culture of adaptive learning and continuous improvement. Read more...

  • Brenna Atnikov

    Raven Conversations Calgary |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    Brenna combines her skills in strategic 'mapping' and developmental evaluation to build collaborative initiatives that spark transformative change. She brings a systems thinking perspective to her work in order to support the development of comprehensive initiatives that address our community’s greatest opportunities for big impact. In the last 10 years, she has applied this thinking to various roles in community and international development, community economic development, and social innovation. Read more...

  • Brian Hoessler

    Strong Roots Consulting |
    Based in Saskatoon, SK, serving organizations in Saskatoon and area

    Brian’s passion is working with non-profit organizations and community initiatives to recognize and strengthen their capacity to address the complex challenges in our world. Through the Community Psychology Masters program at Wilfrid Laurier University, Brian honed his skills in community development, program evaluation, group facilitation, and community-based research. As a volunteer, board member, staffperson, and now consultant, Brian has supported service organizations, charities, volunteer-led neighbourhood groups, and multiple-stakeholder networks across a range of issues. Read more...

  • Cameron Norman

    CENSE Research + Design |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Like many working in social innovation, Cameron Norman was doing developmental evaluation long before there was a name for it. Cameron ran a social innovation lab at the University of Toronto (Youth Voices Research Group) that developed and evaluated social innovations with partners in the community and health system on youth issues from 2006-2011. He is the founder and Principal of CENSE Research + Design, a consultancy that specializes in developmental design and evaluation for social innovation,  helping organizations build adaptive, responsive programs using the science of systems and the tools of design. Read more...

  • Casey Boodt

    CPB Consulting Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    Casey has over 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing evaluation projects in Canada at the national, provincial and local level. For each of these projects, he has played various roles – manager, consultant, planner, facilitator, evaluator and researcher/writer. He has assisted organizations and initiatives with strategic planning and change management processes, and has most recently completed designing and evaluating a collective impact agenda predicated on a common agenda, shared measurement and mutually reinforcing activities that are designed to support children and youth from cradle to career. Read more...

  • Catherine Lang

    C. Lang Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Catherine has worked in management and consulting with social economy organizations for over 25 years. Through her consulting practice, C. Lang Consulting, Catherine partners with national, provincial, and community based groups with a key focus on innovation in community and economic development. Read more...

  • Charlotte Young

    ENVision...synergy/PICTURE your
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Charlotte Young Ph.D., an experienced evaluation practitioner, has been involved in all aspects of applied evaluation. She uses tools such as logic models; questionnaires, interviews and focus groups; and statistical software to help organizations define their evaluation question(s), determine ways to collect data and analyze their findings. Read more...

  • Christopher Wilson

    Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa | |
    Based in Ottawa, serving organizations across the National Capital Region

    Christopher Wilson is an Ottawa-based management consultant and educator as well as the principal of Christopher Wilson & Associates, which specializes in issues of organizational development, governance, stewardship, and partnership. 

    Since 1997 Mr. Wilson has also been a senior research fellow with the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa and a lecturer in the Telfer School of Management where he teaches courses on collaboration practice, partnership and governance. Read more...

  • Debb Hurlock

    Creative Theory Consulting Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Calgary and across Canada

    The approach of Creative Theory Consulting is grounded in a recursive process of inquiry, listening and dialogue. This approach aligns with participatory practices that entail working closely with clients to create an experience of robust learning that will live on in their practice and work culture, long after the project is complete. Read more...

  • Deirdre Goudriaan

    Shift Collaborative |
    Based in Surrey, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Deirdre is a process designer, researcher, analyst, facilitator, and coach who has worked with all scales of community and government. Deirdre has led the evaluation of several healthy community initiatives, including the Modified Legal Representation Project, served as the project manager and lead on the Public Health Agency of Canada National project and evaluation aimed at addressing healthy weights in youth, co-designed a three year community development project with vulnerable populations for BC Housing (2010-2014), and has been instrumental in leading and helping to design the Developmental Evaluation process for a Collective Impact initiative called Seeds of Change in Surrey (2015-2017). Most recently, Deirdre is focused on supporting Collective Impact initiatives as the lead (food systems work) and as an Innoweave Collective Impact coach. She is certified as a Human Systems Dynamics practitioner, and has been certified by Acumen in Human Centred Design and Prototyping. Read more...

  • Denise Withers

    Denise Withers | Stories to lead
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    • Creative strategist with 30 years experience leading change.
    • Designs and runs custom client studios to develop organizational capacity and culture for innovation.
    • Works primarily with story and Appreciative Inquiry.


  • Elaina Mack

    International Institute for Child Rights and Development |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in Victoria

    Elaina’s “critical friend” approach to developmental evaluation supports participants, practitioners and partners to make sense of complexity, take informed action and to seek innovate solutions. Read more...

  • Elayne Vlahaki

    Catalyst Consulting Inc. |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Elayne Vlahaki (MPH, CE) is an independent consultant who specializes in offering strategic learning and evaluation services within the field of public health. She has conducted a wide range of applied research and evaluation projects for non-profit organizations, government, and funders that address a range health and social service issues. Read more...

  • Erica Crawford

    SHIFT Collaborative |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations in BC and across Canada

    Erica brings over a decade of experience working with local governments, organizations, and non-profits as a planner, facilitator, and coach. With a background in community planning and adaptation, she applies a deep understanding of change processes to the practicalities of policy, planning, and community development. She is a certified Human Systems Dynamics Practitioner, bringing a keen understanding of systems thinking, pattern recognition, and adaptive action to her work with collaborative initiatives. Read more...

  • Hilary Best

    Purpose Capital |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Hilary Best is an Analyst with Purpose Capital, where she coordinates a variety of projects in our Research, Advisory, Portfolio Management and Strategy & Design practices. Hilary has conducted research projects for government and private sector clients, and has supported the development of social ventures and non-profits as they prepare for investment. Read more...

  • Hugh Brodie

    Robitaille Brodie Community Strategies |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations in Metropolitan Montreal and Ottawa 

    Hugh has been involved in the non-profit sector and public institutions at a managerial level for over twenty years. His experience includes fundraising, communications, strategic planning and community relations in such pivotal community institutions as McGill University, the Montreal Childrens’ Hospital Foundation and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation. His special projects, community partnerships and communications work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation involved working with hundreds of special project partners and community leaders to implement projects impacting hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands of participants. Read more...

  • Jacquie Dale

    One World Inc. |
    Based in Ottawa, ON serving organizations across Canada

    Jacquie Dale is the founding partner of One World Inc, one of Canada’s most experienced firms in supporting effective engagement, learning and innovation. Helping people with diverse ideas and experiences deliberate, discuss and explore avenues for action together on a variety of issues is a cornerstone of Jacquie’s work. These are skills ideally suited to developmental evaluation and over the past three years this has become an increasing part of her work, often combined with Theory of Change. Read more...

  • Jamie Gamble

    Imprint Consulting |
    Based in Hampton, New Brunswick, serving organizations across Canada

    For over a decade, Jamie Gamble has designed and successfully delivered consulting projects in evaluation, strategy, and organizational change. In April 2008, Jamie’s Developmental Evaluation Primer was published by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Since then, developmental evaluation has become a focus of his consulting practice and he has coached and led developmental evaluation initiatives across Canada supporting organizations working in the arts, environment, health, poverty reduction, youth, education and citizen engagement. Jamie has also presented numerous workshops and training seminars on developmental evaluation. Read more...

  • Jude Ortiz

    NORDIK Institute |
    Based in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, serving organizations in Northern Ontarion

    Jude Ortiz received training in Developmental Evaluation Coaching with Mark Cabaj in 2013. At NORDIK Institute, Algoma University’s community-based research institute, she has conducted community-based action research more than 9 years bringing together a diversity of Northern Ontario stakeholders from across communities: geographic (north east/west; urban, remote, isolated, rural); cultural (Anglophone, Francophone, First Nation); and, sectorial. Jude has worked with community planners, economic developers, social workers, artists, youth, as well as the private sector within their respective sectors and cross-sectorially. She has facilitated in-person sessions and utilized technology to connect with people across the geographical vastness of the region. Read more...

  • Judit Alcalde

    CAP Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Toronto and across Ontario

    I am a credentialed Evaluator through the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) with close to 30 years of experience working with organisations in the non-profit sector on evaluation and applied research. My work with community organizations is guided by skills and knowledge gained through direct experience in years of non-profit project management, research, and evaluation, and Masters level academic training in applied research and evaluation (M.A. in Community Psychology). Further, I am continuously upgrading my skills and recently took a two day course on Developmental Evaluation organized by the CES. Read more...

  • Julie Witmer
    Based in Chelsea, QC, serving organizations in the National Capital Region and across Canada

    Julie has been working with non-profit and government organizations evaluating programs across a broad range of sectors for over 10 years. This work has included an approach supporting learning and knowledge transfer of evaluation methods and tools to ensure utilization focused evaluation. In the past two years, Julie has been building her expertise in developmental evaluation through professional development courses and workshops and, in practice, by integrating her knowledge while conducting evaluation. In May of 2013, Julie will complete the Innoweave facilitator workshop in Calgary. Read more...

  • Karim Harji

    Purpose Capital |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Karim Harji is a co-founder and partner at Purpose Capital, where he advises investors on how to align their investment strategies with their social impact objectives. Karim leads the firm’s work in monitoring and evaluation. Karim is working with the Ontario Trillium Foundation to conduct a developmental evaluation of the Future Fund and is the project lead for the developmental evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative. Read more...

  • Kate Powadiuk

    Cathexis Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    I have been practicing evaluation for the last 15 years, mainly with non-profits and government, and have conducted over 50 evaluations. I hold the Credentialed Evaluation (CE) designation from the Canadian Evaluation Society.

    I take a coaching approach, where applicable, with my clients to build their capacity and understanding for evaluation. Developmental evaluation is one of many evaluation approaches in my tool box, as I tailor what I offer based on client needs and interests. I love to learn alongside my clients and look forward to the opportunity to work with the great organizations Innoweave supports! Read more...

  • Kathleen Lane

    Kathleen Lane |
    Based in Squamish, BC, serving organizations in Metro Vancouver

    Kathleen Lane, MBA, combines a passion for well-being and sustainability with expertise in strategic planning and project management, to support organizations as they work toward creating a future where people, communities and ecosystems are thriving. Read more...

  • Kerri Klein

    SHIFT Collaborative |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Kerri is a learning specialist, facilitator, and coach who has worked for the last 15 years designing and leading collaborative planning and engagement processes with a wide range of sectors and communities. She has a knack for working with diverse teams to identify and name underlying patterns and harvest important insights for positive change. From 2013-2017, Kerri was the Learning and Innovation Specialist and Program Manager for BC Healthy Communities (BCHC), designing and implementing PlanH, a collaborative provincial initiative aimed at facilitating leading edge practices for shared leadership and local action for increased health and well-being. She has supported dozens of  initiatives by facilitating collaboration, learning, and engagement for increased social impact. Kerri has recently lead Developmental Evaluation with three major initiatives: the City of Vancouver Healthy City Strategy, the United Way of Lower Mainland's Better at Home Program, and the Vancouver Coastal Health Community Food Action Initiative. She is currently an Innoweave DE coach for the Surrey Seeds of Change initiative. Read more...

  • Khurshida Mambetova

    Organizational Development Consultant |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations across Canada

    Khurshida Mambetova has over 14 years of national and international experience in non-profit strategic planning and organizational development; change management, monitoring and evaluation; human resource management and planning; qualitative data collection and analysis; training development; and report writing. Read more...

  • Kim Walker

    Kim Walker Community and
    Based in Victoria, BC serving organizations across Canada

    As a development consultant, Kim Walker helps her clients become more effective in utilizing resources; protecting environmental integrity; and building resilient communities. In the last 15 years, Kim’s research, planning, management and evaluation services have contributed... Read more...

  • Kit Malo

    Estuaries Learning Consulting Group |
    Based in Montreal, QC, serving organizations in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and across Canada

    Kit Malo (of Estuaries Learning Consulting Group) has been working with non-profits providing ED coaching, systems coaching and developmental evaluation since 2010.

    Kit's approach is rooted in action research, participation and exploration, with rigorous attention to data collection and usability for future iterations of projects and programs. Read more...

  • Kylie Hutchinson

    Community Solutions Planning &
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Kylie Hutchinson, principal consultant with Community Solutions, combines her formal education in program evaluation with over twenty-five years experience working in both the not-for-profit and public sectors as a consultant, trainer, staff person, board member, and volunteer. Read more...

  • Laurie Ringaert

    Change Weavers
    Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, serving organizations across Manitoba and the rest of Canada

    I have worked as a developmental evaluator at Seattle King County Public Health (2 years) for a Nationally funded project on healthy eating and active living; with Vancouver Coastal Health for 2 years in their Integrating Primary and Community Care Project and most recently on their Seniors Initiative. Read more...

  • Lisa Watson

    Strategies for Social
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Lisa Watson is the principal consultant at Lisa Watson, Strategies for Social Impact and a Faculty Member with the Canadian Organizational Development Institute. 

    Lisa is a skilled strategist with nearly 20 years of experience designing and delivering complex change initiatives in the health, social and community services domains. As a consultant, public speaker, coach and volunteer mentor in the nonprofit sector, she advises on strategy, systems change, strategic evaluation and organizational development. Read more...

  • Liz Martin

    Cathexis Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    I am a Credentialed Evaluator (CE) recognized by the Canadian Evaluation Society. I have been practicing evaluation as a consultant for the last 7 years. I frequently work with non-profits, as well as federal and provincial government, and some private sector clients. I have conducted over 30 evaluations.

    I provide coaching to clients on any aspect of evaluation that interests them, including developmental evaluation (DE). DE is especially suitable to clients who are in the early stages of addressing a problem. I help clients formulate questions to focus on, and develop tools and processes to help them systematically investigate their problem. My process is collaborative—the client can expect to be a co-investigator. The coaching I provide ensures that my knowledge gets passed along, helping the client retain effective DE practices in their organization. Read more...

  • Maiden Manzanal-Frank

    GlobalStakes Consulting |
    Based in Red Deer, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    I am the President, CEO, and Senior Consultant with GlobalStakes Consulting. I have worked with a number of organizations using Developmental Evaluation. One is with Abbotsford Community Services for the Local Immigration Partnership Council (LIP) Evaluation. Using participatory, emergent, and utilization-focused approaches and methodologies, I have developed an evaluation system that supports the on-going work of the LIP and is sensitive to the changing environment which it operates in and keeps the project planners able to be flexible with their strategies as emergent issues arise. Read more...

  • Marc Langlois

    Academy 12 |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations in Southern Ontario

    Worked in the field of youth engagement, community development and social innovation for 25 years. Following his years as co-founder and ED of HeartWood, Centre for Community Youth Development, went on to work, study and research across Canada in comprehensive community development and whole systems change. He is the final stages of completing a PhD and now works freelance with community and not-for-profit organizations, governments, and foundations in the design, creation, and evaluation of enterprising social innovations. Read more...

  • Mark Cabaj

    Here2there |
    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    Mark has been involved in evaluating programs and social change initiatives since 1994. He was an ""early adopter"" of DE while he was Executive Director of Vibrant Communities Canada (2002-2011).

    Mark has participated in two professional development projects with Michael Quinn Patton, the leading expert on DE. One project was administered by  DuPont Canada-J.W. McConnell Family Foundation in 2005/2006; the other was coordinated by SiG@Waterloo (2011-2012). He completed a graduate thesis on the topic of Development Evaluation) in 2011 (DE: The Reflections and Experiences of 18 Early Adopters) and co-designed the Innoweave workshop on DE with SiG@Waterloo in 2013. Read more...

  • Mary Ferguson

    Eko Nomos |
    Based in Kimberley, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Mary Ferguson, lives and works from her office at Kimberley, Ontario and is working on a PhD at the University of Guelph. She has a Master of Environmental Studies, York University and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo. 

    Her work is founded on the precept that organizational and community aspirations can be met only if all stakeholders are involved in the process. She has developed a group of strategies that are applied to developmental evaluation projects according to specific local needs. Using creative techniques, innovative tools and directed policy initiatives, Mary simplifies complex issues and helps groups solve difficult problems in cost-effective ways. Read more...

  • Melissa Innes

    MPI Associates |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

    For more than 15 years, Melissa Innes has been working with government, community groups, and non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad. As a Project Director, she worked with government agencies in countries across East and Southern Africa, and in South East Asia to design, manage and evaluate a range of health, education, gender equality and public sector reform programs. After living and working overseas for a decade, Melissa moved back to Calgary in 2004 to focus her efforts more locally, and specifically on evaluation and strategic clarity. Read more...

  • Melissa McGuire

    Cathexis Consulting Inc. |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Melissa McGuire has been an evaluator for over 15 years and in that time has carried out over 150 evaluations. She is a Credentialed Evaluator, recognized by the Canadian Evaluation Society, and is currently a partner at Cathexis Consulting Inc., a firm that specializes in program evaluation. Melissa has worked collaboratively with numerous government, public-sector, and community-based organizations, and programs to build evaluative thinking. She brings evaluative logic to their work in order to support organizational learning and continuous quality improvement. Most recently, she worked with the Michener Institute to build a systematic evaluation, monitoring, and reflection process with an eye to driving quality improvement and improved student experience across all organizational departments. Read more...

  • Nancy Dubois

    DU B FIT Consulting |
    Based in Scotland, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    In complex, uncertain or innovative situations, Nancy is able to work with programmers and decision-makers to react quickly and adjust evaluation efforts accordingly. Her coaching/training expertise has been used hundreds of times in building the capacity of staff in a variety of organizations to undertake their own evaluations. A key area for this type of work is understanding when a Developmental Evaluation is well-matched to the project at hand either alone or in combination with more traditional approaches, and when it is not. Read more...

  • Nicole Kovacs

    Kovacs Group Inc. |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Nicole Kovacs, Principal Consultant of Kovacs Group Inc., has significant experience addressing the complex challenges experienced by local, national and international organizations. 

    Nicole has a B.A. Honours and a Master’s degree in Business, coupled with over 12 years of experience leading evaluation projects. Nicole is known for her ability to facilitate robust, comprehensive research and then translating the data into actionable recommendations that serve to enhance communities. Nicole strives to develop evidence-informed strategies and solutions that create lasting social impact. Read more...

  • Paul Bakker

    Social Impact Squared |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across the Greater Toronto Area and Canada

    Paul Bakker is an experienced evaluation consultant and coach, with close to a decade of experience. His evaluation projects are typically for non-profits or provincial government agencies in the areas of education, health, employment, youth development, and crime prevention. Paul’s time as a pro bono Director of Evaluation for Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-profits provided him with first-hand experience of the challenges that non-profits face in conducting evaluation, along with a strong understanding of what leads to successful consulting engagements. Read more...

  • Paul Jurbala

    communityactive consulting |
    Based in Markham, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Since 2005 Paul has worked with over 30 non-profit organizations, primarily in sport and physical activity, on projects including strategic planning, governance review and development, and evaluation. He participated in the Innoweave Developmental Evaluation module in February 2013 and has been acting as a developmental evaluation coach to Canadian Sport for Life's Community Connections since March 2013. In addition to over 30 years' experience in the non-profit sector Paul is a PhD candidate at Brock University and has written and delivered workshops on effective evaluation. Read more...

  • Paula Richardson

    Salanga | Self-Employed Consultant |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in the Ottawa region, as well as elsewhere remotely

    Paula is a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Specialist with a passion for using data to make a difference. She has 15+ years managing projects and spearheading cutting-edge monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, tools, and technology for non-profits, particularly in complex and uncertain environments (ranging from $2–$20 million in budget). She is the go-to person for supporting organizations in monitoring and evaluation design, framing MEL concepts, testing monitoring frameworks, and tracking program impact and change. Paula specializes in making monitoring and evaluation user-friendly, user-driven, and gender-sensitive, and is committed to using MEL to listen deeply and advance methods that elevate local voices and perspectives. She is a seasoned coach (50+workshops conducted) with expertise in Logic Models and Performance Measurement Frameworks, Theory of Change, data collection tools, data storage systems, and creating feedback loops for real-time learning. She has award-winning research and writing skills with a proven ability in Results-Based Management and reporting. She currently coaches several non-profit organizations to identify key metrics, craft useful and gender-sensitive data collection tools, and implement software for better data storage, analysis, and learning. Read more...

  • Peter Rudiak-Gould

    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Ontario

    Peter combines the curiosity of a researcher with the pragmatism of a consultant. He brings over 8 years of experience in applied research and a passion for making social science relevant to people’s lives. His training as a cultural anthropologist has taught him to listen carefully, analyze critically, and build rapport with research partners and clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Read more...

  • Petra Chambers-Sinclair
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland

    Petra has 20 years experience evaluating social change in complex adaptive systems in the non-profit sector, and has been actively using Developmental Evaluation since 2011.

    She has a Graduate degree in Conflict Analysis & Management with an organizational specialization, and extensive experience with complexity-based approaches to social change. She is currently applying her evaluative skill to the coordination of a Collective Impact initiative on Southern Vancouver Island. Read more...

  • Rida Abboud
    Based in Calgary, AB serving organizations across Canada

    Rida pulls together a variety of professional experiences together that informs her evaluation, non-profit, and coaching work identity. Part instructor at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University in Social Work and Social Policy; part research and project coordinator for the Calgary Local Immigrant Partnership (which is using DE); and part evaluation, planning and research consultant for a variety of not-for-profit and public organizations such as the City of Calgary Community and Neighbourhood Services, the United Way of Calgary and Area, the United Nations Association in Canada, Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence, among others. All this together continues to shape her and her work in the field of evaluation, program planning and policy influencing. Read more...

  • Robyn McLean

    Tapestry Evaluation and Strategy |
    Based in Kamloops, BC, serving organizations in British Columbia and Alberta

    Robyn is a passionate evaluator with more than a decade of experience. Robyn helps to demystify evaluation and is adept at untangling complicated and complex issues. She works to understand and engage those with different perspectives in order to ensure that evaluation is user-friendly and meets the needs of a variety of stakeholders. Robyn also brings the ability to negotiate and take contextual and political considerations into account when collecting and communicate information that will help programmers make real-time decisions about their work. She has a particular interest in organizations and projects that address social justice, the determinants of health, the food system and poverty reduction, and has focused on participatory approaches and building capacity in evaluation. Read more...

  • Robyn Sachs

    Robyn Sachs Consulting | 
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Calgary and area

    Robyn is a passionate and skilled evaluator with more than 8 years of leadership experience in evaluation and applied research in health promotion, in community, health services, education, and criminal justice settings. She was drawn to Developmental Evaluation work for the opportunity to use creative approaches for gathering and reporting information, and the chance to be an active team member in using emerging strategies to address important issues in our society. Read more...

  • Rochelle Zorzi

    Cathexis Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON serving organizations across Canada

    When Rochelle discovered evaluation in 1994, she was immediately intrigued. Since then, she has carried out over 75 evaluations and become a Credentialed Evaluator … and isn’t bored yet! Read more...

  • Roman Katsnelson

    KRD Consulting Group Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    Roman is a Calgary-based coach who combines perspectives of Systems Thinking and Human-Centred Design to build evaluation experiences that engage and respond to complex adaptive environments. Roman has been working with utilization-focused evaluation, evaluation of unanticipated outcomes, and Developmental Evaluation since 2008. He has experience on "both sides of the table" - working to integrate evaluative thinking into program design and implementation as a non-profit manager, as well as supporting organizations of all sizes as a consultant evaluation coach and evaluator. Read more...

  • Ryan Turnbull

    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations in Ontario and across Canada

    As the president of Eco-Ethonomics Inc., Ryan has led and facilitated over 250 projects with a focus on evaluation, systems change, sustainability, social innovation, and policy change. Read more...

  • San Ng

    Vision & Results
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    San Ng (BSc., MBA, PhD) is an organization transformation specialist with over 20 years of deep experience working with individuals, teams, organizations and collaboratives to achieve positive impact with individuals, families & communities. Read more...

  • Sharleen Mascoll

    Based in Pickering, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

    Sharleen Mascoll is the Principal of Mascoll Consulting Inc., a Canadian-based community investment consulting firm that specializes in strategic corporate philanthropy and effective communications. She works with non-profits, public agencies and small to large businesses and corporations to assess community needs and develop effective social impact programs for a better return on investment. Read more...

  • Sharon Brodovsky
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Sharon Brodovsky is a social impact strategist with over two decades of experiences and connections working in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Read more...

  • Steve Williams

    Constructive Public Engagement |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada, as well as the U.S., Europe, and Australia

    Steve Williams has extensive professional experience in evaluation, impact measurement, and data visualization for sustainability and social change projects. He combines his experience with information design and evaluation to design and facilitate public events and collaborative professional development trainings, using data to engage the public and stakeholders in sustainability dialogue, and integrating art and theatre into public engagement. Recent evaluation projects include DE for the LEDlab in Vancouver, BC, Impact Measurement coaching for the Agents of Change: Climate Action program at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, ON, and evaluation strategy design for the Mistra Urban Futures project based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more...

  • Sudarshan Jagannathan

    Travelport and 
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Sudarshan, or Suds, is an actively thinking citizen of India and Canada.  Professionally, Suds brings 16 years in Sales/ Operations and being a catalyst for Change across the travel, telecom and financial sectors (last role - Director, Business Development, Canada - Travelport). Read more...

  • Susan McIntyre and Sandra Clarkson

    The Hindsight Group | MSH Strategies Inc. |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations across western Canada

    Dr. Susan McIntyre and Sandra Clarkson use a team approach to DE. Having worked in the non-profit sector for a combined 50 years the use of DE in innovation and program design is an effective tool. In the various roles as consultants, funders and senior management positions in the industry we have exercised and sharpened our coaching skills. Read more...

  • Synergy Research Group
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Alberta

    Synergy Research Group (SRG) has been providing services to the non-profit community since 1992. As a Director of SRG, Irene Hoffart relies on an extensive network of professionals, who are sub-contracted from time to time, as projects require. Read more...

  • Tracy Apoll

    T Apoll Consulting |
    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Alberta, Canada, Latin America, Africa

    Tracy has over 18 years of experience working with government and non-profit organizations both locally and internationally. Her expertise lies in strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and project management. She has worked on projects in the health, community development, disability and immigrant sectors. Read more...

  • Zach Anderson

    Twelve Canada |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    I am the Executive Director of a National Charity that facilitates evaluations for nonprofits and foundations, and is also building toward creating an educational program for social change leaders. In my role as Executive Director, a major component of my portfolio is leading the facilitation of evaluations in projects across North America.

    I say ‘facilitate evaluations’ because I (and many others) noticed the diverse competencies and activities required to deliver a useful evaluation to clients. Read more...