Workshop Information

The Innoweave Developmental Evaluation (DE) Workshop is an opportunity for non-profit organizations and collaboratives to explore how they might apply DE to their initiative. The workshop will help leadership teams to:

  • Understand the purpose and major characteristics of developmental evaluation (DE); 
  • Develop a preliminary evaluation scope of work (ESOW) for DE;  
  • Identify their preferences and possible next steps for developing a budget and securing an evaluator;
  • Develop a preliminary “risk” assessment and response plan for their DE work; 
  • Review the appropriateness and readiness of DE for their work.

The pre-workshop webinar includes important information on the key concepts which are used during the workshop. All participants are required to be familiar with this material prior to attending the workshop. Those who attend must also complete the pre-workshop exercise here.

Innoweave also offers Micro-Tools, which include a number of resources which teams may wish to explore before a workshop, including:

  • Experience Map: Understand stakeholder experiences and relationships as part of DE here
  • Theory of Change: Align your activities with your impacts here
  • User Experience: Get first-hand perspective on your activities here
  • Value Mapping: Understand your core values as part of DE here

Organizations that have participated in an Innoweave Developmental Evaluation workshop and are clear on their developmental evaluation needs will be eligible to apply for Innoweave Developmental Evaluation Implementation Funding. Read more about the funding process here.