Workshop Information

The Impact and Strategic Clarity module is based on a five-month process developed by renowned non-profit strategy consultants, the Bridgespan Group.

The process includes the following components:


  • Selection and preparation: Participating organizations are selected. Coaches help each participants select a project leader, schedule internal team meetings and group workshop dates, and map out board involvement.
  • Workshop One will introduce the module and its central “impact and theory of change framework” that will provide the structure and strategic approach for analysis that each team will perform in its organization. Teams will begin to draft “intended impact and theory of change” statements and discuss their research plans.
  • Phase One is the research phase of the project, where organizations gather and analyze data to refine their draft theory of change and begin to test it.
  • Workshop Two will review the emerging theories of change and discuss how to identify the most critical changes each organization must make to improve its impact. Teams will also begin to draft a plan for communicating the strategic changes and obtaining buy-in from the Board, key funders, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Phase Two is focused on engaging stakeholders to both test and build support for the organization’s theory of change. Each organization will also draft a longer-term “learning agenda” to address the critical open questions that may have emerged during the process.
  • Throughout the process, each organization will receive individual bi-weekly calls from Coaches to review research progress and provide feedback and guidance.
  • In the follow-up month of the project, Coaches will continue to check in on participants to see how the early stages of implementation are progressing.

Learn more about the process here.