Scaling Impact Coaches

Organizations that have attended an Innoweave Scaling Impact Workshop and are clear on both the goals that they hope to achieve and the assistance that they require to scale their initative are encouraged to connect with an Innoweave Scaling Impact Coach. The following have self-identified as coaches. As they have not been vetted by Innoweave, organizations are encouraged to assess whether one or more may be a good fit to address their needs. (Note: coaches are being added to this list on a regular basis. Coaches can sign up here to be added.)

A full list of coaches which can be sorted for comparison purposes can be found here (please select the Scaling Impact tab at the bottom of the sheet).

The following coaches provide services in English and French (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

The following coaches provide services in English (please click on the coach’s name to open or close their profile on this page):

  • Anita Abraham

    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Anita has spent the last decade contributing to scaleable programs that dig deeper into the dynamics of systems change and explore how large-scale transformation happens. She is currently determined to work at the intersection of non-profit management and social innovation. Read more...

  • Bronwyn Oatley

    Bronwyn Oatley Consulting |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada, with a focus on Ontario

    Bronwyn's approach to scaling impact leverages the framework developed by the International Centre for Social Franchising, a leader in social replication strategies. From open-sourcing to social franchising, federated models to joint ventures, Bronwyn is passionate about supporting organizations to identify and develop tailored approaches to scaling that maximize impact.

    Bronwyn is an independent Social Enterprise Consultant, supporting non-profit organizations and social enterprises to reach scale through feasibility analyses, business planning, research and capacity building. Read more...

  • Chantell Tunney

    Impact Matters SBS Inc. |
    Based in Oakville, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Chantell is the owner of Impact Matters SBS Inc., a social impact company that works with organizations in the non-profit, public and private sector drive social change through measured, performance-based strategy and innovative initiatives. Read more...

  • Charla Vall

    Prothos Research and Analytics |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in Calgary

    Non-profits are increasingly recognizing that, by scaling up, their programs have unlimited potential. The challenge is recognizing the intersections between their programs and broader systems, and what opportunities exist to leverage their impact. This is complex and long-term work. As such, Charla is interested in building the capacity of organizations to carry forward these efforts over the long haul. Read more...

  • David Feldman

    Based in Edmonton, AB, serving organizations across Canada

    David Feldman is an organizational health consultant who focuses on aligning leadership, structure, and culture within organizations, leadership teams, and multi-stakeholder groups. As a facilitator, David has developed a practice around helping complex decision-making teams, such as boards and executive teams, to utilize their differences as the organization's biggest assets in driving their innovation and problem-solving. Read more...

  • David Roewade
    Based in Waterloo, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    David has worked on scaling impact for a number of environmental, public health, and transportation causes such as pesticide reduction, air pollution, climate change, and car sharing. His coaching has helped community groups and non-profit organizations develop project plans and target setting, education campaigns, and programs, as well as prepare successful grant applications. Read more...

  • Heather Gardiner

    GWA Consulting |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organization in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

    Based in beautiful Victoria, Heather enjoys working with clients across BC, Alberta & Sask.

    Heather is a senior coach/strategist and development consultant working with business and social-profit organizations in a variety of sectors. Having successfully led four non profits, Heather understands the challenges of leaders and the difficult choices they face with declining revenues and increasing demand. Read more...

  • Jill Miller
    Based in Toronto, ON

    Jill Miller recently moved to Canada with a passion for breaking down barriers and with experience in scaling up mission-driven organizations. She has a combination of direct experience scaling impact as the operational leader of two growing nonprofits and has played an advisory role as a consultant and board member for other mission-driven organizations. Read more...

  • Joanne Kviring
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region

    Joanne Kviring uses her business background and strong financial and analytical skills to help organizations achieve social impact.  She has managed funding programs for the City of Toronto, SickKids Foundation, and RBC Foundation, using a continuous improvement orientation and strong stakeholder engagement skills to bring about solutions in the areas of resource generation, community outreach, and efficient processes. Read more...

  • JP Melville

    JP Melville |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada, with a focus on Eastern Ontario

    I partner with not-for-profit corporations to help achieve mission. My perspective is entrepreneurial, collaborative, and business driven. I am based in Ottawa, with work that extends across the province and Canada. My background includes private sector construction and agriculture, international development, and more recently extensive work with immigrant communities. Read more...

  • Judy Mouland

    Judy Mouland
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations in Ottawa and area

    Judy spent 22 years in the non-profit sector working at local, national and international organizations, making her way to C.E.O. Now, as a Coach, she is working with other non-profit leaders to introduce them to the power of coaching. Read more...

  • Kristi Fairholm

    Scale Collaborative |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations throughout Vancouver Island

    Kristi has always worked in the non-profit sector, starting as a youth worker and advocate and moving to leadership positions. In 2001, Kristi returned to school for a business degree and started exploring social enterprise and enterprising approaches to social change. Kristi founded and managed several social enterprise initiatives in Vancouver, including The Cleaning Solution. A bit of a ‘jill-of-all-trades’, Kristi is an effective project manager, educator, speaker, researcher, and entrepreneur. Since moving to Vancouver Island, Kristi has been supporting the growth of the social enterprise sector through collaborative and cross-sector approaches, and initiatives such as seCatalyst, Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone, Social Enterprise Incubator, and Thriving Non Profits program. Read more...

  • Kristi Rivait

    Scale Collaborative |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations in Victoria and the Lower Mainland

    Kristi Rivait is a social entrepreneur who brings 10+ years executive level experience. Kristi was the Director of Fund Development for Vision Vancouver before the 2008 elections where she learnt what it takes to build the capacity necessary to scale. From 2010-2014, Kristi was the Executive Director of Oaklands Community Centre where she increased staff salaries by 25%, purchased real estate, started a successful social enterprise and doubled the organization’s budget. Then she co-founded Scale Collaborative. Kristi has been coaching non-profit organizations for the past 3 years on scaling for impact and financial diversification strategies. She has also partnered with specific non-profits to take them through a scaling process. Read more...

  • Laurie Cook

    Chutzpah Consulting |
    Based in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, serving organizations across Canada

    Laurie Cook is an active change maker at a variety of levels. She is the new President for the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) nationally, and regionally she is active with many organizations looking to develop a stronger innovation ecosystem in the Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. She is a cofounder of a new organization called 42 Canada ( to support grassroots change makers across the country. She also has her own consulting firm, Chutzpah Consulting, which specializes in learning and innovation. Read more...

  • Lee Herrin

    Scale Collaborative |
    Based in Victoria, BC, serving organizations throughout Vancouver Island

    Lee has worked in management and leadership roles in both public sector and non-profit environments over the past 17 years. Lee also has more than 20 years of experience serving on Boards of Directors including 15+ years chairing non-profits. In any setting, Lee is always focused on identifying opportunities for growth and greater impact. Lee is widely recognized as having successfully reduced his organization’s, Fernwood NRG, grant reliance while also creating additional impact through social enterprise. Read more...

  • Manu Sharma

    Innovation By Design |
    Based in Ottawa, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Manu Sharma is a Managing Partner at Innovation By Design, an Ottawa, Canada, based agency focused on bringing a new set of design thinking inspired tools, methods, and knowledge to charities and non-profits to enable them to create and deliver innovation and positive social impact. In his strategic coaching role, Manu provides analysis, evaluation, design, and innovation of business models, and methods for customer insight to organizations seeking to improve their bottom line, generate innovation, increase their impact, and/or start up new programs and initiatives. A global business executive with over 15 years of experience developing and executing business strategies in alignment with corporate objectives, Manu has led and worked with multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and established organizations while designing and building unique technology solutions, encouraging entrepreneurs, supporting community betterment projects, facilitating innovation relationships, championing social causes, and developing niche talent advancement programs. Manu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications Engineering, a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration. He also holds the Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design coaching certification offered by Strategyzer. Read more...

  • Matthew Unger

    Matthew Unger & Associates |
    Based in Vancouver, BC, serving organizations across Canada

    Matthew Unger and Associates provides technology strategy, planning and implementation services to non-profits, government agencies, and companies looking for systems to increase their capacity to manage relationships. Specializing in Salesforce, Google, Quickbooks, Amazon Web Services, and Facebook platforms his team focuses on implementing easy to use solutions for streamlining the management of volunteer, donor, partner, funding, events, and programming processes. Read more...

  • Megan O'Neil

    The Focus Company |
    Based in Forest, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Combining strong entrepreneurial skills with project management and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Megan loves to work with social innovators to get things done. As a social entrepreneur herself, she is creative, practical, and organized, and specializes in executing on projects to get them to market.

    As the former Social Enterprise coach for Pillar Nonprofit, the Project Manager for Social Enterprise Southwest, and the former Executive Director of One Tomato, Megan understands the challenges that non-profits and social enterprises experience. Megan is currently focused on coaching and project managing social innovators and non-profits. She is a collaborator with Lean4Flourishing, Impact Consulting, and is an Innoweave Coach. Megan was awarded the Jubilee Medal for her work in the community, and was also awarded an Outstanding Business Achievement Award for Best Nonprofit in 2014. Read more...

  • Melissa Innes

    MPI Associates |
    Based in Calgary, AB, serving organizations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

    For more than 15 years, Melissa Innes has been working with government, community groups, and non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad. As a Project Director, she worked with government agencies in countries across East and Southern Africa, and in South East Asia to design, manage and evaluate a range of health, education, gender equality and public sector reform programs. After living and working overseas for a decade, Melissa moved back to Calgary in 2004 to focus her efforts more locally, and specifically on evaluation and strategic clarity. Read more...

  • Nancy Dubois

    DU B FIT Consulting |
    Based in Scotland, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Nancy Dubois is a professional Facilitator with over 20 years experience working in the non-profit sector. Her expertise related to scaling includes complex planning with individual organizations as well as collectives of various sizes,assessment of readiness (especially in the area of policy development & system change), facilitation & training others in facilitation, training in many areas to build capacity most often in those delivering programs, sustainability planning and communications & marketing to expand program reach. Read more...

  • Nick van der Velde

    Impact Consulting c/o Pillar Nonprofit Network |
    Based in London, ON, serving organizations across Ontario

    At his core, Nick moves with values of integrity, radical honesty, and intention. His purpose is to build closer communities. Working in our broken systems created an awareness of the vast loneliness that exists at every level of society. In a world that promotes individualism, Nick aims to facilitate connection. His role is to accompany communities through sustainable business modelling and financial practice, and by infusing empathy in every step of the way. Read more...

  • Ondine Hogeboom
    Based in Montreal, QC serving organizations across Canada

    Combining experience with her strong entrepreneurial skills and ability to build successful organizations in emerging markets, Ondine has always aimed to affect positive change within her community and industry through business. She is a highly creative and innovative business developer and strategist, having started seven successful organizations over two decades. Leveraging her skills to identify opportunities Ondine has the ability to turn ideas into revenue generating socially focused businesses and has successfully managed this process from creation to established entity. Read more...

  • Paul Klein

    Impakt & |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Paul Klein is a globally-recognized thought leader on the intersection of business and social change. In 2001, Paul founded Impakt to help corporations and non-profit organizations profit from innovative social change. He is also the Founder of HireUp – the world’s first job portal for youth who’ve experienced homelessness. Read more...

  • Rebecca Sutherns

    Based in Guelph, ON, serving organizations in southwestern Ontario and across Canada

    Rebecca has worked as a consultant, facilitator and coach in the community benefit sector for 20 years. She holds a PhD in Sustainable Communities and is a Certified Professional Facilitator. Rebecca coaches multi-stakeholder collaboratives and internal leadership teams, helping them with strategy development, community-based research, sustainability planning and program design. Read more...

  • Sally Fazal

    Social Impact Advisors |

    Sally Fazal is a collaborative leader with broad experience in strategy, organizational design and change management in corporate and not-for-profit settings.  Sally is a co-founder of Social Impact Advisors, which works with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen. Read more...

  • Sharleen Mascoll

    Based in Pickering, ON, serving organizations in the Greater Toronto Area

    Sharleen Mascoll is the Principal of Mascoll Consulting Inc., a Canadian-based community investment consulting firm that specializes in strategic corporate philanthropy and effective communications. She works with non-profits, public agencies and small to large businesses and corporations to assess community needs and develop effective social impact programs for a better return on investment. Read more...

  • Victoria Alleyne

    CatalystsX |
    Based in Toronto, ON, serving organizations across Canada

    Victoria has been supporting non-profits/social enterprises of varying stages/sizes for 15 years.

    Since Victoria joined CatalystsX, she’s designed and facilitated workshops for changemakers advising on: scaling impact; social enterprise; financial literacy; mental wellness/balance; how to start non-profits; measuring impact; and more.

    She’s coached individuals and organizations in multiple contexts, from CatalystsX’s CoPilot program (applicants across Ontario received coaching and support); to social/youth entrepreneurs in the Northern Lights Collaborative program; and HookitUp, where we collaborated to provide one-on-one and group coaching to social entrepreneurs scaling impact across Ontario. Informally, we coach nonprofits/social entrepreneurs seeking our advice on multiple topics weekly. Read more...