Become a Coach

Innoweave aims to provide organizations with a list of coaches to connect with to help them implement the module of their choice.

Once connected, a coach and organization can decide upon the terms of their working arrangements. In some cases, organizations may be able to access funding to help pay for this coaching support.

Who can become an Innoweave coach?

Innoweave’s coaches network includes 150+ sector leaders, experts, content developers, consultants, and entrepreneurs located across the country. A list of Innoweave coaches for all modules is available here.

As an active member of this group, you gain access to materials and resources developed by leading institutions and experts in the field, a funding stream for clients, and support for workshops, information sessions, and other events.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming an Innoweave Social Enterprise coach, please apply online and select Social Enterprise from the drop down menu.

Further information about Innoweave coaching will be distributed within one to two weeks of applying.

Questions about Innoweave coaching and other general inquiries can be sent to

Coaching Tools

Enterprising Non-Profits (enp) provides a wide range of assistance to non-profit organizations and those supporting them, including access to free comprehensive resources, learning toolkits, podcasts, and webinars, as well as the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide.

The The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide answers questions such as:
  • How can you tell if your group is ready to embark on a social enterprise?
  • What are the steps in a social enterprise planning process?
  • How do you identify and assess enterprise opportunities?
  • How do you plan for a social enterprise?
  • How can you measure social returns in a business setting?
  • What do you need to know about the legal context?
Visit enp’s online resource library for additional resources, including: Developing Your Social Enterprise toolkit, a helpful resource for thinking through the specifics of developing a social enterprise; and Strengthen Your Business Skills toolkit, which provides hints for organizations that are at the design stage of their social enterprise development.

Additional Resources for Coaches

Social Enterprise Sector News Sources
Social Media & Online Directories
Toolkits & Manuals
Learning & Networking Opportunities