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  • Video Salesforce on Cloud Computing

    Posted on December 2012 by Innoweave

    In this video, Salesforce explains the complications associated with traditional business applications and presents the benefits of cloud computing as an alternative for organizations and businesses.

    Tags: Infonuagique

  • Video Stephen Huddart: Challenges Facing the Community Sector

    Posted on February 2012 by The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation

    Stephen talks about the challenges facing the Canadian community sector, including a lack of resources, a need for training, and difficulty for organizations to recruit people. Through providing a short history of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) — a collaboration between Plan Institute, University of Waterloo, MaRS, and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation — Stephen sets the stage for describing Innoweave and the Platformation learning event.

    Tags: Stephen Huddart, Innovation