Information Session

Collective Impact
Introductory Webinar


Innoweave is pleased to host an Introduction to Collective Impact webinar on March 24th, 2016 at 12:00pm EST.

The webinar will provide an overview of module, including how the module will help groups of different community organizations apply the Collective Impact approach to a shared population-level impact goal. The process  includes two workshops staggered over a 4-6 month period, allowing organizations time in between the two sessions to build additional community support, and refine their shared outcomes goals.

The workshop, which builds on this webinar, is designed to help 4-5 member teams of leaders from community organizations to:

  • Articulate common population/community level outcome goals that they wish to achieve

  • Develop an initial Theory of Change to understand how they will achieve their intended impact

  • Build a common agenda that is driven by data and urgency around the issue being tackled

  • Build a community engagement strategy that ensures that the necessary partners including influential leaders, and people with lived experience are part of community change process

The content for this module was developed by Tamarack.