Information Session

Outcomes Finance

Webinar: Introduction to Outcomes Finance

The Introduction to Outcomes Finance webinar provided an overview of basic concepts and examples of Outcomes Finance, including social impact bonds. It also provided an overview of the Innoweave Outcomes Finance workshop. Lars Boggild of Finance for Good led this webinar, which is available for viewing on the Outcomes Finance module page.

The first Outcomes Finance workshop was held January 11th in Halifax. These workshops help leadership teams of organizations get greater clarity on:

  • Key outcomes financing questions for their community organizations, including: 
    • What positive outcomes are we generating?
    • What are the reduced societal costs (or value of societal benefits) associated with these outcomes?
    • How will we measure these outcomes?
  • Readiness for outcomes financing, including identification of delivery and tracking capabilities, expertise, and partnerships; and,next steps in developing an outcomes finance strategy.

The content for this module was developed by the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. The webinar and workshop were delivered by Finance for Good