Explore and Experiment
Subpart A - Understanding the Challenge - online

The Explore & Experiment module is designed to help organizations use experimental approaches, such as implementing an innovation lab, to explore new ways of tackling their challenges. The module’s workshop series will help leadership teams of organizations get clarity on key approaches, such as:

  • Exploring complex problems using systems and design research
  • Convening & co-creation by engaging stakeholders
  • Developing and using prototypes
  • Scaling from prototypes & measuring impact
  • Building your lab or innovation unit (business model, fundraising)

The informational webinar on the Explore and Experiment workshop series includes important information on the key concepts which are used during the workshop series. All participants are required to be familiar with this material prior to attending the workshops.

The series comprises of 10 workshops specially designed for organizations or groups who are considering starting a lab or other innovation unit (e.g. within their organization) in the next 12 months or have already established one but want to learn more about the discipline of social innovation labs.

All workshops are online from 12:00 to 2:30 pm (ET). Each workshop will include information on the topic and an opportunity for teams attending the workshop to complete exercises designed to advance their work.

  1. January 25: Introduction to Labs & Innovation units
  2. February 8: Understanding the Challenge: Systems Research
  3. February 22: Understanding the Challenge: Design Research
  4. March 8: Convening: Engaging Key People
  5. March 29: Convening: Co-creation
  6. April 12: Prototyping I
  7. April 26: Prototyping II
  8. May 10: Scaling
  9. May 24: Monitoring, measuring and communicating impact
  10. June 7: Building Your Lab, Innovation unit, or systems change project

The program has limited space. Teams can choose which team members are participating in each workshop, with a maximum of 5 people per team. Priority will be given to organizations or groups in Canada who would like to take part in the whole series. If there is room left, Innoweave will consider applications from organizations outside Canada or those interested in only the approaches and topics in certain subparts of the series. In exceptional cases, Innoweave will also consider applications from individuals where there is a strong opportunity and desire to get to implementation.

Subpart A: Understanding the Challenge (Workshops 2 and 3)

Organizations which would like to only take part in these workshops are those who are still working to identify a challenge worth exploring through an experimental approach (e.g. a lab). They will attend these workshops as teams and learn about tools that would help them make productive research leading to a challenge description.

Apply here to take part in Subpart A only (Due Dec. 15, 2016)