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Shilbee Kim

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Shilbee Kim is a development specialist whose practice focuses on building social enterprises and creating economic systems that unlock people’s passions to collectively build a society that is equitable, community-focused, and sustainable.

Shilbee Kim has over 7 years of experience as a manager of social enterprise Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park and conducting a feasibility study and business plan for the Debwein Kwe Sharing Circles at the Native Women’s Resource Centre. She is currently conducting a social enterprise feasibility study for the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty and provides training and coaching on diversity, inclusion and passion for social impact leaders.

From facilitating idea generation to developing business plans to managing social enterprise expansion, Shilbee has first-hand experience guiding the social enterprise development processes for non-profit organizations. Furthermore, she has supported 100+ social impact entrepreneurs, non-profits, artists and grassroots leaders at the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park and developed strategic programs, partnerships, and workshops to amplify their success. As a member of the Yonge Street Mission’s Wealth Creation Think Tank, Shilbee has advised on local economic workforce development models that seek to improve the economic livelihoods for low-income high-capacity families. Additionally, she was the engagement lead at JP Placemaking supporting equitable public engagement processes for a range of city-building projects.

Domaine d’expertise

Entreprise sociale

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Anglais, Coréen

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