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  • Social Finance: THEMUSEUM

    Posted on Decembre 2012 par Innoweave

    Burdened by cash flow issues, Kitchener’s THEMUSEUM secured a loan that met their exhibition and expansion needs.

    Tags: Finance sociale

  • Social Finance: Atira Property Management

    Posted on Decembre 2012 par Innoweave

    Atira Property Management (APM) is a social enterprise of Atira Women’s Society providing a range of financial, administrative, and physical property management services throughout the Vancouver area.

    Tags: Finance sociale

  • Social Enterprise: St. John's Bakery

    Posted on Janvier 2013 par Innoweave

    St. John’s Bakery is a Toronto-based social enterprise launched in 2004 by St. John the Compassionate Mission, as an extension of the Mission’s 20-year practice of baking bread for the community it serves.

    Tags: Enterprise sociale

  • Social Finance: Tucker House

    Posted on Decembre 2012 par Innoweave

    Tucker House accessed a loan to finance the purchase of solar power, which they could then use to gain revenue through an Ontario government program.

    Tags: Finance sociale

  • Social Finance: YWCA

    Posted on Decembre 2012 par Innoweave

    The Toronto YWCA recently issued a community housing bond worth $1 million as part of their fundraising strategy for a new site on Elm Street in Toronto.

    Tags: Finance sociale

  • Cloud Computing: Meal Exchange

    Posted on Novembre 2012 par Innoweave

    La mise en œuvre des solutions infonuagiques intégrées permet à Meal Exchange de partager et mettre à jour des fichiers facilement, travailler plus efficacement et de préserver la mémoire organisationnelle.

    Tags: Innovation, Cloud Computing

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