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Increase data maturity and improve processes


How can we use our data to better inform our work?

This coaching stream is still in development and we will be sharing more updates as it comes online.

The community sector is becoming more data-centric. While many organizations in this space actively collect data and use it for reporting purposes, not all find themselves able to use their data to inform their work or maximize their impact.

We recognize that organizations’ data needs are multifaceted and that there is no perfect data strategy. Organizations — whether for- or non-profit — tend to achieve high data maturity via clear and consistent focus, closed feedback loops and effective collaboration.

Data Utilization coaching support

The Data Utilization coaching stream has been designed to build organizational data maturity by bringing organizations through a progressive learning journey.

The purpose of this support is to help organizations increase their capacity to use data more thoughtfully to:

  • Prove – validate current understanding
  • Learn – deepen understanding of target audience, needs and impacts
  • Improve – support decision making to optimize resource allocation
  • Innovate – test and experiment with new ideas, programs and interventions.

Data Utilization Workshops

The workshop series takes a cohort of organizations through a process of prototyping a solution to an organizational challenge.

  • Workshop support takes place over 5 online bi-weekly sessions, lasting 1.5 – 2 hours each
  • Each organization will select two project leads to be present at each of the 5 sessions
  • Each session will require homework to be completed with a specified team of people from your organization
  • Participation in this coaching stream requires the active support of the Executive Director to allocate resources toward improving data practices

Following successful completion of the Workshop Series, organizations may choose to apply for funding during which they will receive the active support of a coach to pilot a data-related solution.

This approach reduces risks and maximizes limited resources (time, skills, costs and experience) while building organization-wide data literacy, confidence, capabilities and usage in manageable increments.

Network of partners

Technical experts from across the sector are supporting the development and delivery of this initiative. The technical partners include:

The Innoweave self-assessment tool is designed to help you determine your organization's readiness and whether your initiative or program model is well suited for Data Utilization.


This self-assessment is in development and will be available in the near future.

Impact Accelerator

We encourage all organizations to attend or view a pre-recorded Impact Accelerator before further exploring a coaching stream.

Upcoming Accelerators

Info Sessions & Workshops

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We might have more events in French. Or, contact the Innoweave team to discuss hosting a learning event for you and other organizations in your community.


Innoweave offers coaching support to organizations that are well positioned to implement a Data Utilization approach. You can connect with an Innoweave coach to help you explore and implement your initiative. Then apply to Innoweave for funds to support that coaching engagement.

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Following successful completion of the Data Utilization workshop series, organizations may choose to apply to participate in an Implementation Phase during which they will receive the active support of a coach to pilot a data-related solution.

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These are our most frequently asked questions.

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How can I engage with this coaching stream?

This coaching stream is still in development and we will be sharing more updates as it comes online.

Does it cost money to participate?

Innoweave’s info-sessions are free. We also provide funding for organizations to access coaching support, but requirements and subsidy levels vary across coaching streams. Visit our funding page to learn more.

Do you support organizations outside Canada?

We do not support organizations outside Canada or whose primary activity takes place outside of Canada.