A connection and a calling: United Way York Region, Hospice Georgina and Innoweave

January 28, 2014

Hospice Georgina

One of our partners, United Way York Region, recently posted this story on their website under the “Why I Give” section. It tells of how Innoweave was able to help Hospice Georgina, an organization that depends heavily on volunteers, improve its impact on one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada.

“We are a passionate small non-profit, with a few staff members and a limited budget,” Marie Morton, Executive Director, Hospice Georgina begins. “We have a strong commitment to our clients, so when United Way York Region came to us with the idea of working with Innoweave, we were more than happy to accept.”

To read the full story, including how Impact and Strategic Clarity coach Christine Hill-Caballero helped Hospice Georgina more effectively support and harness its volunteer staff, click here.

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