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Establish a data-driven and evidence-informed culture that promotes results, learning and constant improvement


How can we demonstrate our impact and identify ways to enhance it?

Impact is a term that is often used quite loosely to imply any type of change or progress; however, it requires a more nuanced treatment related to the organization’s theory of change, not only in terms of proving that there were positive changes, but also improving over time. There are many definitions of impact, but it typically refers to the intended and unintended (positive or otherwise) changes (outputs and outcomes) that occur across the organization (within and/or across its programs) and with its stakeholders (e.g., users, clients and partners) over a period of time, short or long term, as a result of the organization’s activities.

Measurement not only seeks to understand what changes occur when, but also why and how. Most nonprofits are familiar with monitoring (tracking short-term outputs and outcomes) and evaluation (assessing longer-term outcomes and impact) approaches. Impact measurement also involves organizing and assessing the evidence base (what we know and what we want to learn) and getting feedback from clients and stakeholders.

In this way, impact measurement is not just about proving impact, but also about improving impact through nurturing a data-driven and evidence-informed culture that promotes results, learning and constant improvement.


Impact Measurement coaching support

Many nonprofits, charities and social enterprises are seeking to better understand how to describe the impact that they are having on the people, organizations and issues they encounter in their line of work. At the same time, there is greater pressure to demonstrate impact to funders, boards and other stakeholders. In practice, impact measurement remains challenging, with inconsistent definitions, fragmented approaches and methods, and numerous technical and capacity challenges.

Innoweave’s Impact Measurement coaching stream strengthens the impact measurement approaches and capacities of nonprofits and charities by clarifying key concepts, reviewing potential approaches and choices, and applying actionable implementation guidance. This work includes:

  • Introducing key concepts, issues and challenges in impact measurement
  • Providing an overview of various approaches and tools for implementing organizations
  • Highlighting selected themes to improve measurement practice, e.g., evidence and feedback
  • Reviewing actionable guidance and strategies that organizations can apply and adapt
  • Providing access to coaching support through Innoweave coaches

The Innoweave self-assessment tool is designed to help you determine your organization's readiness and whether your initiative or program model is well suited for Impact Measurement.


This assessment has 5 questions.

Please respond to each of the questions to the best of your ability by choosing the option that most accurately reflects your organizational context.

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Having a Theory of Change is a prerequisite for Innoweave Impact Measurement coaching. How would you describe the status of your current Theory of Change?
Do you have evidence to support components (e.g. strategies) and assumptions (e.g. logic chains) within your Theory of Change? To what extent can you prove that your specific strategies bring about the results you have named?
Have you mapped your Impact Measurement activities to your Theory of Change?
At what level are you most interested in Impact Measurement for this coaching stream?
Which of the following statements best describes your staff capacity regarding Impact Measurement?

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Innoweave offers coaching support to organizations that are well positioned to implement an Impact Measurement approach. You can connect with an Innoweave coach to help you explore and implement your initiative. Then apply to Innoweave for funds to support that coaching engagement.

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These are our most frequently asked questions.

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Does it cost money to participate?

Innoweave’s info-sessions are free. We also provide funding for organizations to access coaching support, but requirements and subsidy levels vary across coaching streams. Visit our funding page to learn more.

How do I apply for funded coaching support?

Eligible organizations can apply up to three times annually. Applicants will receive a response within 6-8 weeks of these deadlines. To learn more about eligibility and deadlines, and for links to apply for coaching support, please visit our funding page.

Do you support organizations outside Canada?

We do not support organizations outside Canada or whose primary activity takes place outside of Canada.