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Zach Manntai

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With a 20-year-long career, Zach Manntai has navigated diverse service realms, always aiming to elevate communities. His journey from emergency services to advancing non-profits exemplifies a drive toward societal improvement.Founding For the City, Zach actualized his vision of crafting self-sustainable, community-centric frameworks for non-profits, enhancing their community engagement and impact. Utilizing empathy, active listening, and strategic foresight, he innovates initiatives transitioning from a “come to us” model to a robust, integrated community engagement blueprint.His varied professional experiences have equipped Zach with a unique ability to navigate complex organizational ecosystems, forge key alliances, and devise resilient, impact-driven strategies. Labels like Problem Solver and Strategist echo through his work, showcasing a lifelong endeavour to catalyze societal betterment.In every venture, Zach kindles collective ambition, inspiring others to partake in the noble pursuit of forging meaningful, lasting change. His career is not just a profession, but a spirited call to construct a legacy of community-centric impact and collective advancement.

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Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, Impact Measurement, Policy Engagement, Scaling Impact, Social Enterprise

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