Our Impact

Building organizations’ capability to innovate and improve outcomes

Innoweave supports organizations to deliver the impact we need. We have helped hundreds of organizations with thousands of hours of coaching through our granting program.

At a Glance

212 Partnerships We are grateful to the wide range of collaborators that contribute their resources and expertise.
339 Events We host info-sessions and workshops in person and online throughout the year.
515 Projects From Gander to Haida Gwaii, organizations have accessed grants to implement new approaches across various coaching streams.
356 Coaches Individuals across Canada have been members of our coaching network.
7 Team members Team members able to help you navigate in both official languages.
$9.5k Average size grant Small implementation grants can help you achieve big impact. See our stories to learn more about what other organizations have done with their grants.

Our Stories

These stories represent just some of the journeys of transition that we have been able to support since our launch in 2012. Watch a video to get a sense of how the program works, and see how some of our great organizations have used the Innoweave coaching streams to improve their impact.