Coaching Streams

Practical tools for social innovation

Innoweave’s coaching streams give organizations the opportunity to learn about and implement new ways of working with the goal of enhancing their impact.

Clarify and Align

Your organization is looking to solve a complex issue affecting a community and make meaningful, long-lasting changes. To maximize your impact, you’ll need to take a close look at the impact you hope to achieve and develop a concrete plan and approaches to get there.

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Grow Your Impact

Your organization is considering various ways to increase impact, effectiveness and viability, such as finding the appropriate scaling approach, social financing solution, collaboration strategy or social enterprise.

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Learn and Adapt

Your organization is looking for concrete, measurable ways to enhance its performance and impact. These streams propose a variety of methods that are adaptable to your organization’s needs, capacities and reality.

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Many organizations require expert support to implement a new way of working. We have hundreds of coaches with experience helping community organizations implement social innovation approaches.

Robyn McLean
Stephanie Garrow
André Vashist
Juniper Glass
Deirdre Goudriaan
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Innoweave provides funding to help organizations access coaching for implementing a new approach. It is expected that organizations will have discussed a potential scope of work with their prospective coach before applying. Eligibility and requirements vary depending on the coaching stream you are interested in pursuing for your organization.

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