About Innoweave

We help organizations create big impact for today's big challenges

In Canada's community sector, business as usual isn’t enough to deliver the results we need.

By using social innovation tools, we have the potential to generate greater impact, more quickly and at less cost. Innoweave focusses on spreading practical tools for social innovation across the community sector to build organizations’ capacity to innovate and improve outcomes.

How we help

In cooperation with our network of coaches, we help community organizations clarify their outcomes and obtain the support they need to become capable of achieving those outcomes.

We do this through a series of coaching streams built around social innovation approaches. In each case, organizations can access information, explore their readiness, and begin implementing approaches with the help of a coach. Innoweave has a granting program to help organizations access this coaching at little to no cost.

We are fortunate to do this work alongside a range of partners—including content experts, foundations, and governments—to leverage our resources in pursuit of greater impact in our communities.

The Introduction to Innoweave webinar presents in more details the cornerstones of the program as well as our coaching model, and provides an overview of the approaches we support.

What is social innovation?

Organizations whose primary purpose is addressing social and environmental issues face problems that are large, complex and difficult to solve. They often lack the resources to do everything they want to do, as quickly and effectively as they would like.

Social innovation is needed to address these challenges:

Social innovation has many definitions, but at its core it supports people and organizations to co-create, learn, adapt, and scale more effective solutions to entrenched social problems—making our human and natural systems more adaptive and resilient.

Social innovation in community organizations can take on many forms. It can mean:

  • Identifying a new approach to address an existing problem
  • Scaling a local solution so it impacts a broader range of people
  • Working across systems to address a problem on multiple levels

…and many other new and creative ways of addressing the complex challenges our communities face.