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Social innovation is a diverse and rapidly growing field

We’re continuously generating new knowledge, building new networks, and applying new ideas that will help create positive change for our communities. Innoweave is just one of many resources within this sector that can help you at different stages in your work.


Innovation thrives in an atmosphere of experimentation, learning and continuous adaptation based on experience. In order to scale innovations, these lessons need to be shared on open source platforms so that others can learn from and contribute to collective efforts.

There are many great resources in Canada and internationally through which you can explore different innovation approaches, and which can help you plan your next steps as you work towards implementation.

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Across Canada and around the world, social innovators are generating positive changes in their communities by working together. The best innovations are the ones we can all learn from, adapt and scale.

To do this, we need to be connected with others in this field. Canada has several resources that help innovators to keep in touch, find others working on the same challenges, and access regional supports.

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Many teams require expert support to implement a new way of working. We have hundreds of coaches with experience helping community organizations implement social innovation approaches.

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