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Introduction to Innoweave

Learn more about our approach and how Innoweave works

Are you looking to implement a new social innovation approach? The Introduction to Innoweave webinar helps you navigate our program and understand what we aim to achieve and how we do it. Discover how Innoweave can help you and what tools are the best fit for your project.

Innoweave 101

The Introduction to Innoweave webinar helps you understand where Innoweave comes from and how we can help you clarify your impact goals, enhance your impact, and learn and adapt along the way.

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  • 02 :28  Evolution of Innoweave
  • 04 :14  Cornerstones of the Program
  • 11 :14  How Innoweave Works
  • 19:43  Coaching Streams at a Glance
  • 33:30  Roles and Responsibilities between the organization, the coach and Innoweave
  • 36:56  Navigating Innoweave
  • 39:46  Examples

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Did You Know?

Organizations who benefit the most from Innoweave coaching are those who:

  • Fully embrace a learning mindset – Innoweave’s coaching streams aren’t the end game, but processes to help organizations challenge the status quo and adopt new ways of working that better suit their impact goals.
  • Come to Innoweave with the right timing – you may be interested in one of the approaches that Innoweave supports, but your team must be ready to take on the journey. The time that your team can invest, as well as the moment when you start the process are key success factors.
  • Benefit from committed leadership that will support the process… even when it does not seem to be a foregone conclusion. Like with any learning process, there are difficult times which require perseverance and support.
  • Have a clear idea of their impact goal. With the exception of Impact and Strategic Clarity, which specifically aims to help organizations clarify their impact, all other coaching streams start with the assumption that an organization has already clearly defined or even demonstrated its impact.