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Eric Steedman

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Eric a plus de vingt ans d’expérience comme consultant et entrepreneur. Il a élaboré, lancé et géré une variété de projets à la fois pour des entreprises privées et des organismes sans but lucratif. Son expertise est largement axée sur la résolution de problèmes de gestion ainsi que sur la planification d’entreprise, les études de marché et les stratégies de financement. Un grand penseur avec un oeil de lynx, Eric n’a jamais peur de creuser profondément pour trouver les réponses aux questions du client.

Eric’s career has been a journey of exploring the nexus of business and finance, and community and sustainability. In 1994, Eric started as a corporate responsibility research intern for the Council on Economic Priorities in the New York City. He soon moved to the financial services sector as a research analyst and then portfolio manager of one of America’s oldest and largest socially responsible mutual funds-The Dreyfus Third Century. From 1996-98, Eric also served on the board of the US Social Investment Forum.
After 4.5 years in NYC, Eric returned to Montreal to complete an MBA at McGill. While studying at McGill in 1999 he co-founded Community Experience Initiative (CEI), an innovative internship foundation, whose goal was to provide the means by which to expose young business students to the challenges and impact potential of the non-profit sector. The idea for CEI grew from reflections on the need to build a longer-term system for integrating sustainability into Canadian society.
Eric is past president of the board of directors of the Santropol Roulant. Eric’s experience at this innovative charity increased his understanding of how the voluntary sector interacts within society, and in particular the tensions between the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Starting in 2001, Eric began his consulting business to focus on opportunities to assist both for and non-profit entrepreneurs. In 2010, he co-founded Nexalogy Environics, a provider of social data analytics technology products and services.
In November 2015, Eric joined the Coop Interface, The Coop Interface offers comprehensive consulting services to organizations operating in the social economy sector, including coops, charities, non-profit institutions, and impact-sector businesses. Eric provides consulting services for challenging social economy projects, including market and feasibility studies, thematic portraits, surveys, business plans, organizational diagnostics, strategic planning, and policy and procedure development. Eric has provided a number of organizations with assistance as an Innoweave coach. For the last three years, Eric has also been a startup coach for social economy teams at Concordia’s District 3.

Areas of Expertise

Social Enterprise, Social Finance

Working Language(s)

English, French

Innoweave Clients

Afrique au féminin, Action jeunesse ouest de l'Île, Le Carrefour du pain, New Brunswick Community Land Trust, Coalition Action Communautaire Rosemont Petit-Patrie

Other Clients

Ville de Montreal, Service de développement sociale et sport, Horizon Carriere, BC en Fete, Afrique au féminin, Groupe d'entraide, Mercier-Ouest, Coalition Action Communautaire Rosemont Petit-Patrie, Hot Docs, Comité des organismes sociaux de Saint-Laurent, Ferme bord du Lac, Les Sans-Taverne, Concordia University, Government of Canada

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