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Inga Carey, a Bahamian national and Canadian permanent resident, is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in economic development, economic empowerment, public policy and business strategy coaching. Having held key roles at prestigious institutions such as J.P. Morgan, UN Women, and the Inter-American Development Bank, Inga brings a wealth of experience in driving impactful change.Her five-year tenure at the Inter-American Development Bank, where she managed economic development projects in the Bahamas, fostered invaluable partnerships between public and private sectors. This experience, coupled with her time at UN Women, advocating for gender equality policies, reflects her commitment to social progress.A globe-trotter and lover of languages, Inga’s cultural richness enriches her coaching style. Her dedication to serving humanity through coaching and consulting for social change, and passion for conscious global evolution is evident in every facet of her work. With Inga, empowerment isn’t a profession; it’s a calling.

Areas of Expertise

Social Enterprise

Working Language(s)

English, Spanish

Other Clients

Medical Herstory, Techo Mexico, Bahamas National Trust, Pareto, Planet Bahamas Crisis Center, Sunward Strategy Group, Quoise Wines, Beauty Call by K. Simone, Emerald Cab Services for Children, Planet Conservation, Jabez House, Impact Consulting.

Contact Information

Website: http://lighthouse-cc.co