Suzi Mikaelian

British Columbia
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With a mind of a for-profit and a heart of a non-profit, Suzi helps non-profits and social enterprises balance the return on social and the return on capital to help organizations increase their social impact and carry out their mission for our communities well into the future.With over 12 years in association and non-profit organizations, and 25 years in national and international corporate M&A environments, Suzi is an award winning marketing strategist with sharp financial acumen. From growing the Canadian market from ground up for global corporations, to spearheading the product strategy and market research business units during the unification of the 3 Canadian accounting designations and transforming a member-based association into a financial sustainable business model to reshaping non-profit legacy company culture into innovative changemakers, she is a hands-on, result driven business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried non-profit and for-profit organizations alike through continuous growth while delivering exceptional stakeholder and social value.Suzi is an advocate of integrated and collaborative approach to solving systemic issues and well respected for building open-minded teams with a high degree of trust who respectfully challenge each other’s opinions to embrace new ones that will enhance positive results.Suzi’s unique attribute is her contagious enthusiasm that acts as a catalyst to her stakeholders with extraordinary energy and dedication to drive creativity and innovation that deliver results. She skillfully develops a vision and spearheads stakeholders to deliver on the opportunities for growth, transformation and continuous improvement.Her raison d’être is to make an impact that matters for her community. Her mission is to enable organizations with a purpose to operate at their optimal potential by developing sustainable practices so that they continue to solve community problems and make a positive impact.

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Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, Scaling Impact, Social Enterprise

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