Growing Pains: Do You Scale Up or Out?

November 14, 2013

How do you increase the impact of your organization?

Imagine a little girl named Bianca. She’s smart, sassy and just learning how to add and subtract. Over the next few months, she’s going to decide whether or not she is “good” at math.

It’s a decision that will colour her perception of math and of her own abilities for the rest of her learning life. Studies show that kids actually shut down and tune out in class if they assume they “aren’t good” at a certain subject, which can have devastating impacts on their personal and economic futures.


What if you KNOW that this idea that some people can do math and others can’t is just a myth? What if your goal is to empower Bianca’s teachers to make sure that she and all her classmates feel competent and creative when it comes to numbers?

This is exactly what JUMP Math (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies) aims to do. They’re a program that gives teachers a set of teaching tools (practice books, student assessment guides, lesson plans, professional development and support and more) to help engage kids and teach them math in a way that resonates with them.

JUMP Math has seen exponential growth by first expanding their programs, then selling their textbooks (knowledge) to others. Now they are looking to scale their impact further through school boards, superintendents, teacher unions and parent groups.

The question is how to do it? How to effectively increase their amazing results in the most efficient way given limited resources? How to challenge one’s assumptions and frameworks to find hidden barriers to success? How to overcome cultural and infrastructural obstacles while staying focused on one’s organizational objectives.

Where does one even start? And what are the best aspects to scale?

These are the questions at the very heart of Innoweave’s Scaling Impact Webinar.

Presented by Cheryl Rose from SiG@Waterloo, this webinar will look at the following questions (30 second video).

Innoweave’s Scaling Impact webinar will give you a sense of how to take the things your organization already does brilliantly and find ways to amplify that success.

We’ll be discussing the basics of scaling impact (with concrete examples) and an overview of the Innoweave Scaling Impact Workshop.

This webinar is just one part of the guided Innoweave process that gives community-minded organizations the tools they need to be more efficient and impactful. To find out if scaling impact is for you, click here and take the self assessment quiz on the top right hand corner.


  • WHEN: Tuesday, November 19th at 12pm EST