Implementation Funding: Some Tips for Applicants!

September 18, 2019

As we get closer to the next deadline for applications to Innoweave Implementation Funding on October 1st, we want to share some tips for organizations planning to submit an application. We look for a few key elements in the applications submitted, and the more your application can clearly show these characteristics, the stronger your application will be.

  • Be clear on your impact –  A clear impact focus will help your organization more easily identify how you can innovate to accelerate your impact. So, know your impact and how your organization measures your current impact, and state these plainly. Also give us a clear understanding of how Innoweave support will help enhance your impact. There are tools like Intended Impact Statements and Theories of Change that can be really helpful if your organization needs additional work in this area.
  • Have key questions and know how you’ll use the answers It is important that your organization understands the key questions you are trying to answer as part of this process. Innoweave support is coaching based, so show the key questions you’d like to answer with a coach’s help, and how you will build your own capacity using that input.
  • Leadership – Demonstrate that your leadership team and Board are engaged in the process and are committed to making this a priority.
  • Have a plan – Make sure to develop an action plan with your team that is detailed and provides specific activities, questions, responsibilities, a timeline, and deliverables.  Demonstrate that your initiative has the resources to make this plan a priority and that you are dedicating yourselves to benefit fully from the process.
  • Speak with a coach – It is important to connect with an Innoweave coach prior to submitting your application. Coaches can provide valuable feedback on the initiative you are working on and it is important to determine whether they would be a good fit for this particular project. See the list of Innoweave coaches here.

We hope these tips are helpful as you develop your application for funding. If you have any questions about the application process or would like to speak with an Innoweave Program Officer please email us at