Important update on Innoweave granting timeline

March 9, 2023

Image of a group of people standing around meeting table, discussing strategy. Overlayed onto the image, there are several colorful rectangles shapes which reference the Innoweave logo

For over 10 years, Innoweave has been supporting community organizations in achieving greater impact and many of you have been a part of this incredible journey. The time now seems right to step back and create space to assess and adapt before moving forward. After much reflection, this year we have decided to offer the same level of funding support in 2 intake rounds instead of 3. This means that April 15 is the deadline to apply for coaching in 2023.

This updated schedule will allow our team to devote time in the second half of the year to review our strategy and update our offering in response to the challenges the sector faces today. As some of you may remember, last year we consulted with partners and coaches about Innoweave’s future structure and focus. Thank you for your enriching insights, we will be integrating this crucial feedback as we refine our strategy. As always, if you would like to share your observations about the Innoweave strategy, please write to us at

What this update might mean for you

  • The deadline for you to send your Expression of Interest for coaching support in 2023 is April 15.
  • This change will not affect you if you currently have an Innoweave coaching engagement.
  • This does not mean we will be funding fewer organizations. By the end of 2023, we expect to fund as many engagements as previous years, in 2 rounds instead of 3.
  • We will begin funding projects again in 2024 and will share details with you as we move forward in our upcoming newsletters.