Launch of New Online Resource for Tackling Complex Problems

April 27, 2020

MaRS Solutions Lab and NouLAB are pleased to share a new community resource: the Living Guide to Social Innovation Labs!

It’s a living compilation of social innovation tools, templates and guidance to help social innovation practitioners tackle the intractable problems of our time. It’s intended for anyone looking for a fresh set of social innovation tools, with a focus on the lab approach, as one of many ways to address complex problems.

“We’ve openly shared this because we know that traditional approaches to problem solving are no longer sufficient. It includes materials that can help support research efforts, workshop design and facilitation, stakeholder engagement, prototyping and practicing inclusion and equity in social change work. What’s unique about this resource is that it’s a living compilation: we will be adding to the material on an ongoing basis, and we invite you to share your tools, templates and examples with us by using the “share my content” tab. It’s available in both English and French, and we are so excited that NouLAB, based in New Brunswick, will be “hosting” the French-language site.”

Access the Living Guide to Social Innovation Labs