Youth CI: Reducing Cyber Violence in Toronto

November 19, 2015

Fall continues to be a busy and exciting time for Youth CI, a partnership between Laidlaw Foundation, Innoweave and the Government of Ontario. There are 12 workshops running across Ontario throughout October and November. One year after launching Youth CI, the first Cohort of collaboratives is gearing up for Workshop 2, which will see groups of organizations further develop and validate their Theories of Change, dig into shared measurement strategies, and build an action plan to guide their Collective Impact initiatives as they move into the launch phase in the new year.

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Reducing Cyber Violence in Toronto
Cyber Self Defense, a Toronto-based collaborative working to reduce cyber violence against young women, has made tremendous progress developing a collective strategy supported by Youth CI. After attending an information session last November, the collaborative participated in Workshop 1 in February and received Development Coaching to help them gain clarity and refine their project.

One year later, the group has a clear and measurable impact statement, grounded in evidence from a needs assessment conducted over the past year. St. Stephen’s has also developed their first draft of their Theory of Change, using harm reduction and prevention strategies that link directly with their population-level outcome. In workshop 2, they will identify which areas of their Theory of Change to pressure test, and will begin planning out their measurement and resourcing strategies.

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Building New Collaboratives Across Ontario
24 new collaboratives participated in Workshop 1 events this Fall in Hamilton, Ottawa, Waterloo, Toronto, Durham Region and Sault Ste. Marie. These sessions helped new collaboratives clarify their outcomes,while offering the opportunity for valuable networking within their region to help strengthen and grow these collaboratives.

Over the coming months, many of these groups will be refining their plans and applying to access Development Coaching. Stay tuned for future updates on the impressive range of collectives moving forward with Youth CI!

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Through Youth CI, Innoweave has learned a great deal and seen terrific progress about how Collective Impact is helping these unique groups develop actionable, measurable strategies for youth outcomes, across Ontario. We’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow and develop with ongoing workshops, coaching support and grants from Youth CI.

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