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Charla Vall

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Having spent her career focused on improving community outcomes, Charla is passionate about influencing the systems that contribute to complex challenges. Since 2005, she has worked at small, medium and large non-profits to address a variety of issues at the systems-level including immigrant integration, poverty, transportation, financial empowerment, and women’s economic participation.

Through Innoweave’s Constructive Engagement or Scaling Up streams, Charla is a skilled professional that guides organizations through a clear process to:

  • Gain stakeholder buy-in to engage in this type of work
  • Understand your organization’s strengths and capacity to engage in different types of systems change initiatives
  • Identify root causes and change levers aligned with your mission and purpose
  • Develop strategies that will allow you to scope, test and scale policy or systems change initiatives that will truly get results
  • Develop evaluation frameworks that will measure your long-term impacts and get you the data you need to generate funding and further scale

To start seeing the meaningful impact you were meant to have, visit her website or reach out directly by email.

Areas of Expertise

Constructive Engagement, Scaling Impact

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Other Clients

Canadian Poverty Institute, Sinneave Family Foundation, Lionheart Foundation Canadian Red Cross, CUPS, Calgary Distress Centre, Calgary Bow West Community Resource Centre, Calgary Centre for Sexuality, Woodridge Youth Action Group

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