Charla Vall

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Throughout her 15 year career, Charla’s role has been to influence the conditions holding complex problems in place.

She has helped steward numerous initiatives that went upstream to affect systems-level change on issues like immigrant inclusion, early childhood development, and poverty, to name a few.

Many of these initiatives dropped off or otherwise failed to achieve the results they hoped for. Competing interests, lack of resources, and unrealistic goals are just a few of the reasons why.

However, many initiatives influenced policies and practices that enabled some of the most vulnerable to access better health care, democratic processes, affordable transportation, and emergency supports.

These changes may not have been a silver bullet, but they sure made a difference.

Today, Charla helps organizations who want to solve complex problems build on their strengths and capacity to make meaningful, long term change.

Because she knows about failure, but she also knows how to get results, one manageable and realistic step at a time.

Charla guides organizations and Collective Impact initiatives through a clear, constructive process that ultimately allows them to truly make their mark on social progress.

If you want to go beyond band-aid solutions, grow your influence, and create long-term impact, reach out for a free consult today.

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Accroissement de l'impact, Entreprise sociale, Impact collectif, Mobilisation des décideurs

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FASD Collective

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Canadian Poverty Institute, Sinneave Family Foundation, Lionheart Foundation Canadian Red Cross, CUPS, Calgary Distress Centre, Calgary Bow West Community Resource Centre, Calgary Centre for Sexuality, Woodridge Youth Action Group

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