Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo

Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo

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Author, MBA (International Business & Finance); BBA Spec. Finance; Certified Executive Coach; Certified Investment Banking Affiliate; Certified Heart and Soul Healing Practitioner; Keynote Speaker…

Pioneer advocate and contributor in the development and global deployment of the Gender responsive Strategic and “Results-Based Management (RBM)” at Global Affairs Canada – powering the MDGs/SDGs and sustainable impact investing, RBM is now used and promoted by OECD, the World Bank, regional development banks, the entire UN system, developed and developing countries, the private sector, NGOs, private banks, and the financial markets.

Significant contributor to the outstanding success of the G8 Summit of Kananaskis (2002) – from initial informal discussions and formal strategy retreat to post-Summit action plan implementation, through support to CIDA primarily, with special direct support to the Prime Minister’s Sherpa’s office

Pioneered in the “Innovation Lab” concept: in early 1980s spearheaded a “Decision Room” initiative showcasing the very first desktop computer (the Apple II) and the very first electronic spreadsheet (VisiCalc); the very first to be purchased at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

Advocated and promoted innovation in Public Financial Management: the focus on results; citizen wellbeing; Gender Equality mainstreaming; using innovation labs for innovation in governance…

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Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, Explore and Experiment, Policy Engagement, Scaling Impact, Social Enterprise, Social Finance

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English, French, Spanish

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