Innoweave Q&A: Ask Us Anything! (2 of 4)

All Coaching Streams

April 4, 2024  |  1pm - 2pm

Online (Zoom)Provided in Bilingual English/French

Innoweave welcomes you to a series of four live Q&A sessions leading up to the April 26th 2024 Expression of Interest deadline. These sessions are designed to provide additional clarity beyond what is available on our website or in our Stream 101 recordings. You’ll have the opportunity to pose questions to Innoweave staff and learn from other participating organizations. All Q&A sessions in this series will be bilingual. 

Sessions in this series

Who Should Attend?

These sessions are intended for all individuals interested in applying for Innoweave social innovation coaching support in all coaching streams. Teams planning to submit an Expression of Interest by the April 26th, 2024 deadline are strongly encouraged to participate. 

What to prepare for

We believe it’s helpful for participants to have a basic understanding of Innoweave’s coaching model and the various approaches for which it provides coaching support. To build this understanding, we recommend you take the time to browse our website and view the Introduction to Innoweave webinar ahead of the session for which you are registering. Some useful resources:

What We Will Cover during the Session

Considering new, concrete ways to enhance your impact is not a linear process, but rather requires time and many conversations. Each participant will have the opportunity to ask their questions to the Innoweave team, and will be invited to stay for the entire session in order to learn from questions asked by other participants. Common discussion topics include:

  • Selecting an approach
  • Eligibility and requirements
  • Innoweave coaching model
  • Application process
  • … and other questions, as required

Innoweave encourages peer learning and will hold these sessions collectively. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Registration Required

To register for the April 4th session at 1 pm (EST), please click the button “Register Now” directly below, which will redirect you to a registration form hosted by Zoom. If you have any issues registering, please contact us at

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