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Maiden Manzanal-Frank

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Known as the Strategy Maven, Maiden Manzanal-Frank is the Founder of GlobalStakes Consulting, a consulting organization that provides outstanding results in innovation, impact, and sustainability for companies, social enterprises, non-profits, and professional associations in Canada and internationally.

She is an award recipient of Outstanding Diversity Outreach and Communications Award from the Fraser Valley Diversity Awards where she completed the biggest diversity project with the City of Abbotsford through the Abbotsford Building Connections.

She is an award-winning diversity champion, consultant, advisor, speaker, and mentor to many aspiring social innovators around the world.

She is the Bhichai and Khunying Charoye Rattakul Scholar for Peace and Conflict Resolution at the Rotary Peace Center in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

As a Senior Consultant, she takes varied and complex assignments as an advisor and partner in solutions in strategy, governance, evaluation, performance management, and sustainability in public and private sectors in Canada and internationally.

Domaine d’expertise

Accroissement de l'impact, Entreprise sociale, Évaluation évolutive, Impact collectif, Mobilisation des décideurs

Langue(s) de travail

Anglais, Philippin

Autres clients

Justice Society of BC International, Archway Community Services, The World Fair Trade Organization-Asia

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