What is Innoweave?

Innoweave helps passionate leaders of successful community organizations learn about, select, and implement new tools and approaches to generate greater impact and advance their missions.

Each approach has its own module, which is described below.

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The Innoweave Modules

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    New Social Innovation Labs Materials and Self Assessment!

    Check out the new landing page and Self Assessment.

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    If you’ve got a great idea and need support helping make your project a reality, you can apply for Innoweave Implementation Funding! Funding is provided for projects across our nine modules, and includes the opportunity to participate in the next cohort of the Impact and Strategic Clarity process! Apply by July 4th, 2016. Read more here. 

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  • News

    June 16, 2016

    Innoweave Impact Accelerator: New sessions this fall!

    An Impact Accelerator is a special workshop designed to help nonprofits clarify the impact they are working to achieve. This spring, hundreds of organizations took part in Accelerators. They each developed a clearer impact focus and identified social innovation approaches they could leverage to achieve and accelerate their impact. We’re pleased to be offering a new round of […]

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    June 16, 2016

    Impact and Strategic Clarity alumni: Santropol Roulant’s reflections on Innoweave coaching

    Santropol Roulant’s mission is to use food as an instrument to reinforce social inclusion between generations, through innovative approaches focusing on youth engagement, urban and suburban food systems, food security and community engagement. Santropol Roulant had been active in Montreal neighbourhoods for 17 years when the executive team engaged in the Innoweave Impact and Strategic […]

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    June 16, 2016

    Implementation Funding: Some tips for applicants!

    As we get closer to the next deadline for applications to Innoweave Implementation Funding on July 4th, we want to share some tips for organizations planning to submit an application. We look for a few key elements in the applications submitted, and the more your application can clearly show these characteristics, the stronger your application […]

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