What is Innoweave?

Innoweave helps passionate leaders of successful community organizations learn about, select, and implement new tools and approaches to generate greater impact and advance their missions.

Each approach has its own module, which is described below.

Explore Innoweave's five step process

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The Innoweave Modules

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  • News

    October 18, 2018

    More Innoweave Implementers!

    Last month, we announced some new organizations and collaboratives that have joined hundreds of others accessing Innoweave coaching support. Through coaching, these funding recipients will be able to implement a range of social innovation tools and generate greater impact. This month, we are pleased to announce more Innoweave-supported organizations and collaboratives! Impact and Strategic Clarity […]

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    September 27, 2018

    NEW for 2019: Refreshing the Innoweave platform

    Exciting updates throughout next year New timing for Innoweave Coaching applications In 2019, Innoweave will be working to make its application process more flexible and responsive. Over the last six years, we have had two annual intakes, but we’ve heard from groups we’ve supported and coaches that our due dates could fit more effectively with […]

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    September 26, 2018

    The newest Innoweave implementers!

    Through our latest funding round, new organizations and collaboratives have joined hundreds of others that  have accessed Innoweave coaching support to implement a range of social innovation tools and generate greater impact. Some of the latest Innoweave-supported organizations and collaboratives include: Impact and Strategic Clarity Peterborough Public Health Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada Fondation […]

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