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Anthony Piscitelli

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Dr. Anthony Piscitelli is a professor researching governance, public opinion, social finance, and policy. His current governance research explores how board members of non-profits and co-operatives can best represent the interests of the membership without interfering in operations. He is also exploring recent case law and legislative changes requiring directors to act in the best interests of the corporation by examining what this means for co-operatives and non-profit organizations. Before becoming a professor, Dr. Piscitelli spent fifteen years working in government and the non-profit sector.

Dr. Piscitelli’s Doctorate is in Geography and his Masters is in Political Science, both from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is certified as an Institute of Corporate Directors, Director (ICD.D), an Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD),  and a Certified Municipal Manager Level 3 (CMM III).

Domaine d’expertise

Entreprise sociale, Impact collectif, Mobilisation des décideurs

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Union Sustainable Development Co-operative, Canadian Credit Union Association, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association, Beasley Neighbourhood Association

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