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Brook Thorndycraft (she/they) works from K’jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia) as a Mediator, Coach, Adult Educator, Facilitator, and Organizational Consultant. She has 17 years’ experience in the areas of conflict transformation, organizational change, adult and experiential education, and relational leadership. Brook coaches people who want to develop their relational leadership skills and strengthen their capacity to engage in change from the inside out. She supports leaders to build their emotional agility, confidence and sense of empowerment, navigate conflict, steward an organization through change, and become aware of their own use of power.

With workplaces, Brook integrates a holistic approach to creating healthier and more impactful organizations. She offers facilitation, training, and mediation to teams going through transformation, or wanting to improve their workplace culture. Brook approaches workplace issues with a combination of approaches rooted in conflict transformation, popular education, group process, systems theory, mindfulness, Deep Democracy, and Somatic Experiencing® to identify and address personal interpersonal and systemic patterns that get in the way of meaningful change.

Brook is a white queer person of Jewish, Austrian, and English ancestry. She brings many years of involvement in social justice work and community organizing. Brook comes to organizational work from a healing-centred perspective, recognizing the importance of finding joy and connection. It’s not only about work. For her it can mean singing loudly or walking her dog on the beach.

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