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Charles Stone

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Charles is a globally recognized expert in green technology, with a double-MBA from UCLA and the National University of Singapore, during which he developed a detailed understand of global markets. He has significant experience in technology and product portfolio management, prototype design and optimization, IP strategy, startup company strategy development and financing, strategic partnership/joint development activities, and supply chain development.

Charles has worked with many startup founders, business, and thought leaders to help them develop and implement a credible, competitive, and practical strategy to grow their enterprises. In all cases, the most important elements for success are motivated, engaged and effectively rewarded employees. Charles has facilitated many strategic development processes with governments, universities, NGOs, and for-profit organizations (e.g., Industry Canada; University of BC; Carbon Trust; Cue Energy Plc) to ensure the effective communication and buy-in that translates strategy into practical and implementable solutions. Charles is an excellent listener and communicator who works effectively to harness the value of all contributors, translating collective inputs into valued outputs.

Domaine d’expertise

Accroissement de l'impact, Entreprise sociale, Explorer et expérimenter, Finance sociale

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Autres clients

National Research Council of Canada, University of British Columbia, SiM Composites, myCareBase Solutions Inc., Carbon Trust, Cue Energy Plc, Finavera Inc., HV Systems Plc.

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