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Dana Vocisano

Dana Vocisano

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An organizational development and evaluation consultant with 30 years experience in the non-profit sector, I have had a long-time interest in scaling impact. While at The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, I guided many evaluation initiatives, including several using DE. I participated in Michael Quinn Patton’s first DE training and have a Masters degree in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University.

Trained as a process consultant, I am deliberate in how I work with others and use creative, engaging and collaborative approaches and tools. I believe that the most robust and valuable evaluations are those that are co-created between the consultant and the organization. And that interesting and generative evaluation projects happen when they create a space for profound learning – where people get a chance to step back from the « doing” and the « action” to explore and reflect together. And I believe that the ultimate goal of evaluation is to learn in order to scale impact.

Cabaj, M., Leviten-Reid, E., Vocisano, D., & Rawlins, M. (2015). Vibrant Communities Canada: An example of patch evaluation. In M. Q. Patton, K. McKegg, & N. Wehipeihana (Eds.), Developmental Evaluation Exemplars: Principles in Practice. New York: Guilford Press, Ch. 9.

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