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Ismael Aquino

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Ismael Aquino is a lecturer at Dalhousie University’s School of Health Administration. He is well known for his leadership in community-health, injury prevention and disaster response.

Ismael is the former Nova Scotia Provincial Director and Atlantic Regional Director (Education) with the Canadian Red Cross. Prior to these roles, he served as the National Coordinator for First Aid Services for the Canadian Red Cross.

His experience in community-health, injury prevention and disaster response ranges from local community initiatives to provincial, national and international disaster responses. He has provided leadership during several disaster responses with the Canadian Red Cross, including, the crash of Swissair 111, Kosovo Refugee Relief, 9/11, and Hurricane Juan. He has also served on a mission to Tsunami-affected Sri Lanka as part of the Organizational Development/Capacity Building evaluation team.

Ismael has a solid track record of collaboration with other organizations, various levels of government and the corporate sector. He has participated in a variety of cross-jurisdictional projects in Canada and with the International Red Cross Movement. He has been an effective leader of both staff and volunteers, as well as an expert trainer. He is respected for the breadth of knowledge and experience, but also for his creativity, people-first approach and sense of fun. He is a thoughtful listener who takes the time to understand the situation and provide valuable advice.

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